5 Reasons Why I Run in the Evening

Today’s Workout: 3 miles @ 28:42, easy run

Even though I’m training for a marathon, I can tell my 5k time is getting faster…and I like it!

Had anyone read the Mind & Body column (page 44) in the February issue of Runner’s World? If not, check it out! According to the magazine, “research shows your body is primed to perform its best late in the afternoon and early evening because that’s when your core body temperature peaks.”

I feel like that column was dedicated to me. I’ll admit, while reading other people’s blogs, and learning that most of my blogging friends run in the morning, I was feeling a little inferior. And then I saw this article, which just made me lighten up inside. Today, I realized that there were a lot of reasons why I love running in the evening. Click over to find out what they are.

1. It makes me feel better after work.
This would have to be the #1 reason why I love running in the evening. After a long, stressful day at work, there’s nothing better I can think of than going home and running (well, after seeing my husband and the hounds, of course!)

Hounds staging what it looks like when greeting me at the door

In fact, if I get my run in before work, instead of after I get home, I’m likely to be super stressed and uppity for the rest of the evening, and tend to drive JP nuts (and probably drive the dogs nuts, too)!

2. I do feel like I perform better in the evening. In the morning, I’m too tired, I have a frog in my throat, I feel sweatier for some reason, I just don’t feel right. At night, I’m usually raring to go!

3. It gives me my “second wind.” They say you need a second wind for running, but for me, it gives me that second wind that I need to make dinner, fold laundry, do my homework, write on this blog, etc.

4. It’s easier for me to plan my meals around. Usually when I wake up in the morning, I’m starving, I need my coffee, and I can’t even think about running until I’ve done one (or both).
At night, the first thing I do after getting home from work is go for a run. Then I eat dinner afterwards. Pretty simple! This leads me to #5…

5. I don’t have to get up too early! This one’s pretty simple…I like to “sleep in.” However it know that I will have to make this change once my runs start to get even longer during the week, and then in the summer, when it gets hot out.

I did go through a period a couple of years ago where I was so stressed out that I’d go for a morning run and an evening run. Luckily, that stress eventually went away, and I am back to running just once a day.

What time of day do you run at? Why did you choose this time of day to run?

Do you ever have a hard time planning your meals around a run?

If you run in the morning, what is your choice pre-run food?


6 thoughts on “5 Reasons Why I Run in the Evening

  1. emmelineruns

    I run after I eat in the morning, whatever time that may be (sleep in sometimes!). If I wait until anytime after about 1pm, things get in the way and it’s more likely I’ll miss my run altogether. I eat oatmeal and coffee, wait about 30 mins, and go 🙂 I eat a bigger breakfast with protein for recovery when I get back. Yup, a second breakfast. My husband says something about it being very lord of the rings (I don’t watch those so I have no idea what that means)

  2. Marie Oliveira

    I’m with you. I feel sluggish in the morning and mentally it’s very discouraging. I think if I tried to force myself to run in the morning, eventually I’d quit. My favorite time to run is after lunch, but running after the kids go to bed always resets my mood.

  3. Jessica @ RunYourMuttOff

    I’m totally with you on these. Last night I had the worst commute after a pretty tough day and I walked in the door and literally said “I need me time, see you in a bit” and went into the work out room, closed the door and had 45 min to myself. I cam out far less cranky than when I got home.
    I do run early on Saturday’s to get my long run done. I eat a banana and a granola bar when I’m up to feed the dogs, go back to bed, then get up in a while to run.
    I would enjoy running early on weekdays, if only for the reason ‘to get it out of the way with’ some days.

  4. Meg @ Megan Go Run

    Hey! Love this topic. I run in the morning… because it makes me feel better FOR work, and I perform better because when I wake up I am fresh and not tired from a long day. Pretty much the opposite of your top two reasons! Eating is tricky though. I used to just get up and go, now I like about a half hour to drink my coffee and have a 1/2 bowl or a whole bowl of cereal. I eat again after my run.

  5. Heather

    I usually run in the evening too. The only morning runs I get in are on Saturdays and Sundays. 🙂 I agree with you about how you feel better running later. I don’t know what it is but my body feels stronger when I run later in the day. 🙂 I do enjoy when I run in the morning and ‘get it over’ for the day. 🙂

  6. willrunforpizza

    I’m in 100% agreement with you on this one!! As much as I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to be a morning running – and have tried to be one, and failed miserably – I’m just not. I’m a morning person, but not THAT energetic to RUN! And i’m so “planned” with my eating now, that when I DO run in the mornings, I never know what to eat! The only times I really run in the morning though, are on Saturdays and it isn’t even that early – like 9 or 10. If I were to run before work, I’d have to get up at like, 4:00 because I have to be at work by 7:00…You need time to eat, drink, “go to the bathroom”, etc…too much time wasting for me! But I guess most people aren’t going to do their long runs before work, and they are probably just a few miles…??? I’m still sticking to evenings after work because then it gets me through the evening all pumped up!


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