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The ABC’s of Me

Hello all! Just a quick knee update for you – my has knee has been feeling a LOT better. Not perfect, but much, much better. I’m going to take this week off from running, and then will be hoping to be be able to start running next week in time for my Celtic 5-k on March 9. Hopefully, everything goes as planned! Continue reading


Liebster Blog Award (Again!)


Hope you’re all having an enjoyable and relaxing weekend! I’ll be heading down to Rhode Island today and may be MIA for the rest of the day (as in I might not get to reading your comments until later on today), but I wanted to leave you all with a fun post to read.

Ursula over at Northern Ambitions nominated me for my second Liebster Award (third award overall), and I’m really excited to answer her questions finally. After receiving a couple awards I had to get out of my comfort zone and find some new blogs to read because I don’t want to keep nominating the same people over and over. It was a challenge, but after a week’s worth of scouting blogs, I found what I thought were the latest and greatest new blogs to nominate.

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6 Things I Love Saturday

Sorry it’s been a few (or only two) days, folks. I totally missed my 5 Things I Love Friday, and I had a couple of things in mind that I wanted to write about in it, so I’ve switched to 6 Things I Love Saturday this week. I promise there will be no whining or complaining about my injury today (although it has NOT gotten better), only good things today! I’m trying to look at the positive side of being injured. So here goes…

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Wicked Random Wednesday

I’m not even going to bother putting down my workouts, because right now they’re non-existent. I’m pretty sure I’m suffering from a myriad of problems: my plantar fasciitis is acting up just a tiny bit (I’m not going to lie, it has been nagging at me a tiny bit for some time but I thought stretching and using a golf ball on my foot would keep the injuries at bay…boy was I wrong). I could list a number of things I did wrong to cause these problems (not just pushing through the pain), but I won’t. Continue reading

An Interview with My Lurkers…Err, Readers

Today’s Workout: 😦

The sad face says it all. I didn’t even get to run today. Some of you may even be starting to wonder if this is a running blog anymore (please read my last post, it will explain a lot!), and yes, it is. My leg wasn’t bothering me this morning, but as the day went on, it started nagging at me a little, and I just didn’t want to chance it. Like I’ve said before, if it hurts when I’m not running, I’m not going to take my chances of injury. So, tomorrow is another day, let’s pray that I’m all better and can do a nice, slow and easy run! Even if it’s short, I don’t care, but I’m getting anxious not being able to run.

So the other day Ursula nominated me for a Liebster Award. I was super psyched, and will be posting the answers to these questions over the next couple of days. I love these types of awards, because they force us to get to know other people on the blogosphere and interview one another by asking questions that they might not otherwise post online. PLUS, it helps other, new bloggers (like myself) branch out a little. Which got me to thinking… Continue reading

How To Stay Entertained When Sidelined

Monday’s Workout: Another rest day, leg was still bothering me

As you all know, my right leg has been bothering me for a bit, which is one of the reasons why I haven’t been writing as much. Some live vicariously through other bloggers when they can’t run…for me, it’s the opposite. I get very emotional and very jealous reading about how other people’s runs are going if I can’t run. So if you’ve been writing about your workouts and I haven’t been commenting like I usually do, I’m sorry. 😦 Continue reading

5 Super Foods to Help Your Performance

Saturday’s Run: 4 miles @ 40:00

Today I was scheduled to run 6 miles. Since I missed three runs this week because I was sick, I was trying to make up for lost time…but I’m apparently not completely over this stomach bug. The first two miles were a little difficult because my muscles didn’t feel stretched out very much, but once I got past mile 2 they started to feel better. That wasn’t the problem, though. Continue reading