Playing Catch Up

Greetings from sunny South Carolina! This week I’m away at a conference in Charleston, SC, so I’ve been under the gun trying to make my workouts happen despite having to plan and pack for travel, travel, and then attend a three-day conference.

I arrived in sunny SC this afternoon, but unfortunately getting a run in just wasn’t in the cards for me today. Between a 3-hour trip to the airport (should have been 1.5 hours!), being terrified that I might miss my flight, and then arriving in Charleston with a dead phone, it’s been quite the day.

My plan is to get up early and get tomorrow’s 5-mile run in before the 8 a.m. Conference start tomorrow. Wish me luck!

When I get back home, there will be another review and a giveaway in store for you, so don’t forget to check back in!

If you’ve ever been to Charleston, leave me some tips on how to make my stay in the city even better!

Do you ever have to travel for work? If so, how often?


4 thoughts on “Playing Catch Up

  1. Amy Lauren

    I live in Charleston :). So if you need any tips just let me know. The best thing if you’re downtown is to go to Kaminsky’s on Market Street, best desserts ever. And if you have to do a five miler, I highly recommend the Cooper River Bridge because there’s a pedestrian path and it’s almost exactly 5 miles from the parking lot under the bridge in Mt P, to downtown where the bridge ends, and back.

    1. 262x2 Post author

      I know! I’m still up for meeting up with you and Abby early Sunday morning, but I’ve been so busy I haven’t had a chance to email her! I’m going to right now!

  2. runningsouthern

    Have a great time! I can’t hear about Charleston without thinking about the Bravo show Southern Charm (rich people in Charleston). Sheds some new light on this gorgeous southern city!


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