Monthly Archives: November 2013

Slow and Steady Sets the Pace…


Running isn’t always about going fast. Sometimes in order to finish, you have to maintain a slow and steady pace.

Today was my “long” run. Since I took a little break from running after our last half-marathon, I’m a little out of shape, and am working my way back into things, so my weekly long run today was 4.12 miles, which I completed in 46:13. My running mantra was “short and steady starts the pace, short and steady wins the race.” Continue reading


And So This Is Thirty…


Flashback to our twenties: me (second from left) with Steph (far right) and friends celebrating our 21st birthday in Newport.

Approximately a month before I turned 30, I met up with my college roommate (Steph) in our college town of Newport, RI. It was a day before our fourth half-marathon that we were set to run together, and I was extremely nervous…but not about the following day’s race. I was nervous about turning 30. Continue reading