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Let’s Talk Clothes


The cutest little model in the world, sporting my (new) favorite race shirt.

Today: Rest Day
Yesterday: 6 miles on the ‘mill @ 63:55

Yesterday, I ran my “long run,” which was six miles. I refuse to take parentheses off the phrase long run (at least when referring to my workouts), until I get past 13 miles. Ok, at least until I get past 9 miles, because that’s the furthest I’ve run on my treadmill, and let’s all just admit it, any mileage over 5 miles seems long on a treadmill. OK, while we’re being honest, anything over 3 miles on a treadmill seems really long. Continue reading


Finding Balance: The Importance of Fun Runs and Setting Goals


Today’s Workout:
3ish miles @ I really have no clue what time I finished in

First things first: yesterday, I posted 5 “facts” about myself, and dared you to guess which one was incorrect. If you guessed fact number 2, you were correct.

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Fact Friday


I’ve seen a lot of people create themed posts on their blogs, FB pages, etc., for different days of the week, and thought I’d give it a try. So here is 26.2 x 2’s inaugural fact Friday! However, there’s a little spin to my post that differentiates me from everyone else’s. One of my “facts” that I post is actually fiction. I’ll give you 24 hours to try and guess which of these facts is fiction before I reveal which one listed isn’t true!

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Christmas Eve Wrap Up


Christmas Eve Workout:
Walk/Jog 2 miles with the dogs
Ran 2.5 miles in 24:42

I was hoping I’d have a minute to post my Christmas Eve wrap up (which I wrote last night and fell asleep before posting it, I was so exhausted). Yesterday sure was a hectic day! I got up early (7:30 a.m. Early, for all you runners who get up at 5:00) to take the dogs out and start baking. Our family has a secret Santa draw every year where we have to make something for our person and buy a gift. Continue reading

Have Yourselves a Merry Little Christmas!

It’s officially Christmas Eve…and I am now officially a day late with my posts…but yesterday was a wonderful Christmas Eve Eve for me! I took a rest day, but still got a workout, nonetheless!


I started out my day by making myself some very tasteful apple pie protein waffles (recipe from Dashing Dish), before getting started on cleaning out my office in our house, because we still hadn’t put up our Christmas tree! Continue reading

Treadmill Time: Mantras and Music


Spoiler alert: I’m a huge fan of 80’s music!

Today’s workout was a really good one. I was a little disappointed (I’m starting to feel like I say that A LOT on here, and I hope nobody thinks I’m a whiny baby!), because it was SO nice and warm here today – a balmy 63 degrees – but I missed my chance to run outside because I had to finish some errands in the morning and by the time I got home, it was raining out. We did, at least, manage to take the dogs for a mile-long walk this morning, which was nice. Continue reading