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Beginners: How to Make Running Part of Your Routine

Today’s Workout: Rest Day
ZYM Flavor of the Day: Lemon-lime. This flavor was much sweeter than the Berry flavor I had tried yesterday, and there was no hint of the bitter taste that I detected in the Berry ZYM. Like it’s predecessor, the lemon-like flavor contains caffeine, and is sure to give early morning runners the wake-up call that they need. Which is why I found myself choosing a ZYM tablet instead of coffee again this morning. Once again, it did the trick. And as an added bonus, it kept me hydrated – something coffee (which is a diuretic) – doesn’t do.


Speaking of early morning runners…up until now, I haven’t talked too much about my running schedule, other than the fact that I typically am NOT an early morning runner. A few things about my running schedule:

• I usually run in the evening (except on the weekends, when I sometimes run in the morning, but more often than not, run in the afternoon)
• I run 4x a week, Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday. Sundays are always my long run days.
• For the most part, I don’t mind changing running days, but I NEVER change my long run days.
• If I think I need to scale back on my running one day, because I could potentially get injured, I do.
• However, if I don’t feel like running, feel too tired or lazy to run, etc., I still do.

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Running on Empty


Today’s Workout: 6 miles @ 59:23

Some days you feel like you have loads of energy, and on others, you’re so exhausted, you wonder how you’re ever going to make it through the day. That’s how I was feeling today. I went to bed at a reasonable hour 12:00 a.m., and then the dogs woke me up at 2:00 a.m. That’s a far cry from my normal 4:00 a.m. wake-up call from them. Anyways, it took me hours before I could fall asleep again!

I was already running late to work this morning because I pressed snooze an extra 15 times, I was so exhausted, so instead of picking up my regular coffee from Dunkin Donuts, I plunked a ZYM in my water bottle and brought it with me.


Today’s flavor? Berry. Now, much like many other electrolyte tablets, this flavor is infused with caffeine. 100 mg of caffeine, to be exact. To give you an idea, that’s approximately the same amount of caffeine as what’s in a Dunkin Donuts medium latte.

I wasn’t aware of this at the time, but this morning, between desperation for caffeine and excitement to try out a new flavor of the tablets, I downed that water bottle like it was my job.

I was perky and alert in no time. To be honest, if it weren’t for that pretty little tablet, I’m not quite sure I could have made it through the day. I was literally contemplating calling in sick this morning…that’s how bad it was. I think the only reason why I didn’t was because I go by the philosophy of “if you stay home sick, you can’t do anything.” Not even run. And I wanted to run today, so that meant I had to book it into work.

Now, regarding the taste of the Berry flavored ZYM. It definitely tasted Berry flavored, but if I’m being honest, there was a little hint of a bitter flavor within it. I didn’t mind it, and if I was running while drinking it, I probably wouldn’t even notice it…but I did. This tablet is, of course, filled with electrolytes and a bunch of other vitamins, like B3, B5, B6, B12, and some C thrown in there for good measure, so my guess would be that that’s why it was a little bitter. Now, I did enjoy the Berry flavor, but if you asked me whether I’d choose orange and Berry, I know I’d go for the orange, which I think is exceptionally good…which is why that’s the flavor I chose for my run this evening.

Regarding my run…nothing was going to make me alert. I was exhausted when in started running, and knew before I ever stepped on the treadmill that it would be a mental challenge. But, because this blog keeps me accountable, I told myself to do what Nike says and “Just Do It.” And so I did it, and completed my scheduled 6-mile run. Go me!

What do you do to make sure you get your run in on those super exhausting days?

Coffee, tea, or other caffeinated beverage? What’s your go to drink that keeps you up when you’re tired?

Who Needs a Spa Day When They Could Be Running?

Today’s Workout: Rest Day
Yesterday’s Workout: 4 miles on the treadmill @ 38:39

Today was a rest day for me, which worked out well, because yesterday my mom literally begged me to get my hair chopped off did with her. I acquiesced to her request, considering getting a haircut is the closest thing I’ve had to a spa day in over a year. Yeah, I’m a real girlie girl!

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A Good Start to a Not So Great Day


Today’s Workout: Rest Day

So, today wasn’t that great of a day for me. Like, it was a truly horrible day. I found out that I made a mistake so bad that at most companies, I probably wouldn’t even have a job. I don’t want to go into details. I try not to go into details about my job on here, just because I don’t like to mix business with pleasure. But, it seems like I’m probably just going to get a talking too, and they’ll let bygones be bygones…or however you use that expression. I suppose it’s kind of hard to even get a “talking to” when your boss is located thousands of miles away…

Anyways, I did start my day off really well, because when I woke up this morning, I had a message from Heather, telling me she had nominated me for a Leibster Award. I was so excited to hear that someone likes my blog enough to nominate me for something!

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A Good End to a Loooong Weekend

Today’s Workout: 11 miles @ 1:56:00 (well, actually somewhere between 1:55:00 and 1:56:00, but who’s counting?)

For the most part, this weekend was full of waiting and driving (I’ll be getting there), but at least it ended on a good note.

First off, I did the longest run that I’ve ever done on a treadmill today – 11 miles, woot woot! I am so excited, but also very sore (probably doesn’t help that I ran four miles with the last two being negative splits yesterday). I made sure I stretched out really good afterwards,
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Fuel Update

Yesterday’s Workout: 3 miles @ 30 minutes (treadmill)
Today’s Workout: 4 miles @ 38:37 (treadmill)

After Thursday’s post about my knee bothering me and taking a rest day, I decided to wait and see where I was before resuming my training plan yesterday. My knee felt a lot better, but I still didn’t want to overdo it, but I was determined to get some type of run in.

So after I got home from work, I changed into my running clothes, did some calf stretches, and hopped to it at around 6:00 p.m. I was also dealing with some time constraints – I was planning on going to my parents for dinner – so I knew I wasn’t going to get the 5-mile run in that was originally scheduled. Again, this was probably a blessing in disguise, because if I pushed too hard, I probably wouldn’t feel as good as I do today. So I ran a nice, easy 3 miles on the treadmill at a 10:00 mpm pace. I felt great, and really felt like I could have done the entire 5 miles I had scheduled, but by the time I was done running, I was already late, and still needed to stretch out a bit.

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3 Signs Your Body Needs a Rest

Today’s Workout: Impromptu Rest Day

This morning I woke up with a twinge in my leg and thought, “Uh oh, this can’t be good.” I was hoping it would be gone by the time I got home from work, but unfortunately, it wasn’t. I was still wrestling with the idea of running, but the fact that a) my knee was still bothering me, b) I was so busy at work today that I didn’t eat “lunch” until 4:00 p.m., and c) I was feeling rather dehydrated (again, because I was so busy at work that I didn’t have one glass of water all day), made me decide to take another rest day and continue my running schedule tomorrow.

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It’s Been a Crazy Kind of Day…But Soon There’ll Be a Giveaway!


Today’s Workout: Rest Day

It’s been a crazy kind of day for me, and for the first time in a long time, I had a glass of wine (there may be a lot of rhyming within this post). I was feeling just a tiny bit overwhelmed at work, and unfortunately, this post will be pretty short, because I have a lot of work I had to bring home with me tonight. But, I have some good news…

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Where I Am Now…

Today’s Workout: 4 miles @ 40:00 (20 minute warm-up, hill workout at 3% and 4% intervals)

In yesterday’s post, I took you back to where I was 10 years ago, to my junior year of college, before I met my husband, and before I started running. The road to where I am now wasn’t necessarily an easy one, but I can say that I’m in much happier place now. Continue reading

Where I Was 10 Years Ago…

Today’s Training: Rest Day

After running my long run (10 miles) yesterday, today was a rest day for this lady. It was a good thing, too, because I was pretty darn tired and to get my butt out of bed and go to work, unlike most of the world. Only to have the man who plows outside our building come in and yell at me, as well as a sales client. It was quite the climactic day, and I decided that the reason why so many people were hostile was because they had to work, too. Continue reading