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Meet Lis and Steph, two college roommates who practically share a birthday, and are dedicating their third decade in life to running 26.2. For more about both of us, read on:

Hi, I’m Lis! I first started my relationship with running in high school, but at the time, I was not the biggest fan. I joined my h.s. cross-country team because I was starting at a new school, and was trying to find a way to make new friends and meet new people. Despite the fact that I wasn’t the most avid runner, being a member of the school’s cross-country team are some of my favorite high school memories.
Now, approximately 13 years after graduating high school, I take running much more seriously. The 3.2 miles that seemed so hard to me back then seem relatively easy, and at age 30, I’m ready to conquer the marathon, with my best friend by my side!

Contact us at twentysix2x2@gmail.com


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