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Newport Half-Marathon Race Recap


Me and Steph after finishing the 2013 Newport Half-Marathon.
Yesterday’s Workout: 4.04 miles @ 43:06

Hey everyone! I was planning on posting a little earlier today, but got side-tracked by a few things (like buying a new pair of running shoes for JP and getting a kayak – more on that in the next couple of days).

Today I’m a guest blogger for Carson over at Running Southern, so if you don’t follow her blog, please head over there and see what I have to say about my top five favorite races. Since my all-time favorite race is the Newport Half-Marathon, and I mentioned a couple times since the inception of my blog that I would post a race re-cap, I figured this was the perfect time to write about it (finally). Continue reading


Ten Dollar Tuesday: My Soxy Feet


Today’s Run: 3.11 miles @ 29:24

Hey, it’s Tuesday night, and there’s only three days left in the work week! Who else is excited about this?! I am! But for work weeks that last longer than a second, I occasionally order something special for myself and have it delivered to the office so that I have a little treat to look forward to at some point throughout the week. Most days, I don’t need any “swag” to help me get through the day, but every once in a while, I’m having a bad day and a package arrives; if it’s for me, and it happens to be running gear, my frown immediately turns upside down, and I’m feeling better.

Today was a not so bad day, but because of the three-day weekend, I have to admit, I was dreading going into the office a little bit. Knowing that I had ordered some new running socks last week definitely helped with me with getting up and going to work in the morning (I tried to get up early and go running…although I got up earlier, it wasn’t early enough. Still working on that one…). Because our post office, is super slow, though, my socks weren’t waiting for me bright and early this morning, as I expected. However, when 4:00 p.m. rolled around, and I knew that the mail had come, I had a present waiting for me:


I’m going to start this review with (of course!) the price. I was recently named a My Soxy Feet Ambassador, so I’m lucky enough to get a 30% discount on their products—most of them retail at around $12.99. So with the 30% discount mine are under $10. Sorry if this seems like I’m cheating on this $10 Tuesday. But for all of my friends who love socks that rock, be sure to use the coupon code SOXYFRIENDS at checkout and you can enjoy 10% off of your purchase. Not $10, but pretty darn close!

I have to say that I love, love, love this company. I will only act as an ambassador and write positive reviews for businesses and products that I love…and this is one of them. From their website: 


Running <3


Today’s Run: 5 miles @ 51:18

Today was my long run day, and something really strange happened while I was running. I went outside to start at about 2:30 p.m. Right before I was about to get ready, the skies opened up and it started pouring out. Undeterred, I threw my Wave Riders on, prepared a water bottle, and started stretching. By the time I actually started my run, the rain had stopped. Continue reading

A Bachelorette Party Fit for a Runner

Lately, I’ve had weddings on the brain, an it’s no wonder why. I may have mentioned it once or twice a million times that my cousin is getting married in June, and my sister is getting married in July. Everyone in my family is really close, so that means that over the past two months, we’ve either been shower planning, buying shower gifts and/or wedding gifts, and attending showers. Continue reading

Blogger Profile: Meg Go Run


Yesterday’s Workout: Rest day (other than walking the dogs!)
Wednesday’s Workout: 3.15 miles @ 30:15

Happy Friday, everyone! This week, I’m featuring a Q&A special guest blogger on 26.2×2. Before I get started with the Questions and Answers, though, I need to give you a proper introduction to this awesome blogger, Megan of Meg Go Run. Continue reading

Wicked Random Wednesday 5.21.14

Today’s Run: 3.18 miles @ 32:37:38

Welcome to your latest edition of Lis’s Wicked Random Wednesday! I know it’s been a little while since I last posted one and you’re probably all just dying to hear what wicked words of wisdom I have to offer, so let’s just dive into this week’s randomness and get started:

Today I went running and had another “vomit inducing run.” I didn’t actually vomit, but my run made me feel pretty sick afterwards. This left me thinking…am I pushing myself too hard? How HARD is too hard?

2) JP texted me while I was still at work that he ran on the treadmill and his time was 32:12. So of course (the competitive person that I am), as soon as I finished my run, I had to flash my GPS watch and tell him to “eat my dirt,” only to realize that he finally beat my time today. Boo. Of course, I made myself feel better by reminding myself that he ran on the treadmill and I ran outside, which is WAY harder…right?

3) I was looking back at my old FB account (the one I barely go on anymore) and couldn’t believe how enthusiastic I was about running in my beginner days (trust me, I still am, I just can’t believe I’ve been keeping at it for so many years already! One of my favorite quotes: “Just got OK’ed by the doctor to start running again. Whoo, what a workout! I can’t wait to go again tomorrow!” I still feel that way every day…even after my “vomit inducing” runs.

4) This past weekend, I watched The Wolf of Wall Street. I have to say, I was severely disappointed. I have always been a huge fan of Scorcese films, but the last two I’ve watched (this and Shitter Island) have been pretty crappy. Why didn’t i like this one, you ask? Because it was just like Goodfellas and Casino, but with more nudity and the f bomb was thrown in there for literally every other word. Different cast, somewhat different storyline, but the plot was not as good. Yawn. Although I thought Leo did a great job as an actor, his character reminded me way too much of Ray Liotta’s in Goodfellas.


5) By the way, I have a huge obsession with gangster movies. Goodfellas, The Godfather, Mystic River, The Departed…anything that has gangsters in it, I’ve probably seen…and loved. Of course, my all-time favorite is The Godfather (the original), though!


6) I am so excited about Memorial Day weekend coming up! Who doesn’t love a three-day weekend?! But this holiday weekend is super special, because we’ll be celebrating JP’s 34th birthday, which usually falls on or around the holiday. Happy birthday to my hubby!

I got me a good catch! Even if he does beat my running time!

7) Of course, I have to leave you with yet another Basset pic!

And if you ever wonder why so many of my pictures of the dogs are taken in bed…I usually only have time to write right before bed.

Your turn: Answer one of my “questions” above…or tell me something about yourself that related to one of the aforementioned blurbs.

P.S. If you haven’t done so (or don’t know about it, please like my FB page at 26.2×2. I’m almost at 100 likes!

Ten Dollar Tuesday: Another Awesome Bargain…and Some More Big News!

My Last Workout: Sunday, “long run day” 4.01 miles @ 40:02

Since my last post ended on a very bad note, I wanted this one to start off on a very good one! Sunday was my “long run” day, as in 4 miles long. I am literally starting from scratch with my marathon training, but I’d rather err on the side of caution, and (hopefully) avoid injury. Everyone who commented on my Vegas post is just going to have to wait until November to find out what decision I’ve made.

I’m not even going to breathe a word about which marathon I’ve decided to make my first until it’s over with, because as you know, I’m superstitious and don’t want to jinx myself.

But in the meantime, I’ve been on a major runner’s shopping spree, starting with a bargain I found while at Marshall’s on Friday. Continue reading

The Worst Run EVER!


Attempted post run selfie: Am I smiling, or grimacing?

Today’s Workout: 2.71 miles @ 27:53

Today, my friends, I ran some serious junk miles. I can honestly tell you that today’s run was no doubt, my worst run EVER!

I’ve run half marathons, 5 milers, and 5ks. No marathons yet, but I do consider myself to be a somewhat tough cookie (you kind of have to be if you willingly run long distance, right?). Despite the fact that I’ve been running for about half a decade and then some, today’s run took the cake. Continue reading

All Signs Point to Vegas

Yesterday’s Run: 3.13 miles @ 34:00, hill workout

Sorry, friends, no Ten Dollar Tuesday this week! My wallet is feeling a little light, so I am taking a week off from buying things…even if they are pretty inexpensive.

As runners, we are huge planners. We plan not just our race schedule a day ahead of time, but also week, and even months ahead of time, to plan for that one special race, whether it’s a 5-k, a half, or the 26.2. Six months ago, I started training for my first full marathon. I was halfway into my training routine, which I had meticulously planned. I iced, stretched, had my race schedule mapped out…I did everything by the book, and then some. And then I got injured. Well, this time, I’m going the wild card route. Continue reading