Weekend Recap and More

Yesterday’s (Sunday’s) Workout: 8+ miles

I’m not the only one worn out from the weekend!

Whew! What a weekend! It ended up being an unexpected three-day weekend when I got little to no sleep after hearing something (Bogie heard it too and started howling) and creeping around the house at 12 a.m. To make sure it was burglar free. I absolutely HATE it when JP is away for work! I ended up getting only an hour’s sleep because I was too busy making mental notes to keep the baseball bat within close range the next time JP goes away. At 3 a.m., when it became obvious that I wouldn’t be getting any sleep, I made the decision to call in sick on Friday. I’m sorry, if I know I’m going to be completely useless at work, I won’t even bother going!

Saturday was my cousin’s wedding. I managed to get in a 3-mile run beforehand. JP and I also had the best of intentions to do some weight lifting and an ab workout, but we had to rush to get to the wedding (which was 2 miles away in the Berkshires), and unfortunately never got to complete abs and arms.

That’s OK, though, because on Sunday, I had an 8-mile run scheduled. This weeks long run went much better than last week’s; I did much better at pacing myself, and the longest mile was mile 6, when I walked up the same hill that I had run the umpteenth time and was too mentally exhausted to convince myself it was a good idea to run up it. I had just about made it to mile 7 when JP called me and told me that if I didn’t make it back home, we were going to be extremely late for Father’s Day lunch with my family. So I decided to split my mileage up and finish the last mile later on in the day (which I did by trotting each dog up and down our street, so my final mileage was probably more like 8.5!). I’m not a huge advocate of splitting up long run mileage, but sometimes, it just has to be done, unless you want everyone in your family to consider you as a selfish person who puts running above everything else, including family. Just wait until I get up to 20 miles! I’ll have to get up at 3 a.m. to fit everything in!

After my long run, we went to Cracker Barrel for Father’s Day, where I pigged out on enjoyed some buttermilk pancakes topped with pie filling cherries. In my family, Father’s Day isn’t complete without Strawberry Shortcake, so after lunch, we went to my parents’ where my mom made homemade strawberry shortcake, and my dad opened his gifts. JP and I had been searching for a hot dog toaster (yes they make toasters for hot dogs and buns) to buy for my dad, but couldn’t find one in time (we literally had been searching for weeks!), and ended up having to draw a picture of one on the card and made him guess what it was, because our order hadn’t come in time.

Why did we order him a hot dog toaster oven you ask? The obvious reason would be that he absolutely loves hot dogs, but that’s not the case (he barely ever eats them). It was more of a joke gift for him because when he was younger (like a kid), he and his brothers had this brilliant idea to cook hot dogs in the toaster, and nearly set their parents’ house on fire. Now they actually make hot dog toasters! Go figure.

Sorry for the lack of pictures from the weekend! It was literally so fast-paced that we forgot to take photos. So here’s a dump of the few that I managed to take:

Me wearing JP’s work boots to go to the Dunkin Donuts drive-thru, because I was too lazy to tie my own shoes.

My view while stretching out, post-run. If I let the dogs out, they try to climb all over me!

Our Game of Thrones themed dinner to celebrate the season finale. If you watch, can you guess who this is supposed to be?

How did you celebrate Father’s Day?

Do you ever split your mileage?


6 thoughts on “Weekend Recap and More

  1. Tiffany (@TheChiAthlete)

    EEEP @ thinking there’s something in your home in the middle of the night! I get paranoid very easily, especially if my pup or Harry hears it. 😀 Wonderful pictures….looks like it was a fun weekend! mmmmm…pancakes…

  2. Amy Lauren

    I get so freaked out if I hear noises in teh night! the other week Clay was out of town for work and I basically had to take melatonin each night to sleep, otherwise I would totally freak out. I love cracker barrel too- great place to celebrate your dad :).

  3. emmelineruns

    I cannot handle it if Joe is gone, every single noise freaks me out and I end up exhausted the next day. And if Slider starts growling/barking, forget about it…I’ll be huddled watching tv all night with phone in hand ready to call 911. I’m so paranoid when I’m alone.

  4. faygie

    I love your sandwich! I’m guessing Oberyn? I could hardly watch that scene, it was so brutal.
    And I totally get you – when my husband’s away I NEVER sleep well.

  5. Megan @ Meg Go Run

    You in JP’s boots is hilarious. Oh and your doggies are sweeeeetie pies! Congrats on a strong 8+ miler! I have had to split up mileage before and I hate it because it’s so hard for me to get my mojo going after showering and doing something else. I hate when Paul is not home! Noises scare me too. It is rare that I am home alone but the other night I got home and Paul wasn’t back yet. It was like 10:30 at night and I had just finished a book about the BTK serial killer (true story) who would sneak into girls’ homes and hide. Then when the girl gets home, well, I won’t tell you what he does because it is disgusting but long story short, she dies. So that night I was convinced the BTK was in my house (even though he is in jail) and I just kept my cell phone with me the whole time till he got home.


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