Fact Friday


Wish I was snoozing like this dude!

Today’s Workout: 5 miles @ 49:50
Yesterday’s Workout: Rest Day

This week has been crazy busy for me. Between working ridiculous hours at work, trying to get a run in while abiding by my schedule (it was tough this week), and trying to keep up with this blog, I’ve been getting little to no sleep. Yesterday I was super exhausted and just decided to take another rest day. I don’t know if this happens to any of you other runners out there, but when this happens, I get really disappointed – mostly with myself for not trying to push through the exhaustion and run, anyways. I’ve run a half marathon after getting only four hours of sleep (I don’t recommend it!), I should be able to run 5 miles after 5 hours of sleep and a 10 hour work day…right?

Well, I failed. Not completely. I still took the same amount of rest days as I normally would, just shifted them a little. I really wish that I could run every day (and I’ve done this in the past), but I can’t. I do what I can to ensure I don’t get injured…although I could start to implement more cross-training.

Fact Friday is back this week with a new theme: health & wellness. This is in preparation for tomorrow’s special post about the subject. For those of you who aren’t familiar with fact Friday – I’ll be posting 5 “facts” but one of them will actually be fiction. Your job is to try to guess which is fiction, and let me know which you think it is by leaving a comment below:

1. When I’m running a lot, I tend to cut down on my soda intake and amp up my water intake.

2. Before I started running, I had really high cholesterol and the doctor thought I was going to have to go on medication for it. Since I started running, my cholesterol has decreased dramatically and I no longer need to take medication.

3. My absolute favorite way to recover from a run is with a piรฑa colada recovery shake made from cottage cheese, pineapple, coconut extract, protein powder, and stevia…and Ice, of course!

4. I have really fair skin, but one of my biggest faults is forgetting to put on sunscreen before going for a run outside.

5. In the past, I’ve had some problems with plantar fasciitis, which has left me sidelined. I try to control this by wearing the right running shoes for my feet and doing calf stretches before heading out for a run.

OK, your turn!

Which of the above “facts” do you think is fiction?

What is your favorite recovery meal?

Have you ever been sidelined by an injury? If so, what kind of injury was it, and how long were you laid up for?

Does running help you make better decisions, health-wise (whether it’s eating, drinking more, or getting plenty of sleep)? If so, what better decisions have you made?


8 thoughts on “Fact Friday

  1. emmelineruns

    I think the cholesterol one is fiction maybe. Fav recovery meal: avocado and poached eggs on whole wheat toast ๐Ÿ™‚ I tore my plantar fascia years ago so it tightens up and freaks me out sometimes but just using a tennis ball to roll out my arches every day has prevented any flare-ups for years. Any day that I forget, it gets a little tight again.

  2. Heather

    I’m going to guess #1 and that you don’t drink soda??? lol…I have no idea!

    Running has become my lifestyle after living for a long time being very unhealthy. Now I see food and hydration as fuel. I value my sleep, I love water and I wouldn’t even think about staying up past 11 if I have a long run in the morning! LOL.

    I’ve had plantar fasciitis, Achilles tendonitis and shin splints and all three injuries have led me to become quite acquainted with my physiotherapist. :S In other words, very long recovery since I would always resume running before I was recovered. With my shin splints, I was on the brink of stress fracture he told me. AAAAHHH!

    I think you made the right call with the rest day. When I tend to squeeze in a run after a crazy busy day with little sleep, I always get colds after. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ I do shuffle my schedule as well. ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. willrunforpizza

    I”m going to say the protein shake is fiction – cottage cheese?!?!?!? I like cottage cheese, but in a shake?!?!? I mean, if you DO do that, no judgment here! haha But it doesn’t sound too good…lol. I HOPE the cholesterol one is true because my hubby was just told that he has high cholesterol and every time we read labels, the only real thing he eats that is loaded with cholesterol, is MEAT! So this fact (hopefully) will help me get him to RUN RUN RUN!!! ๐Ÿ˜‰

    1. 262x2 Post author

      I know cottage cheese sounds scary in a shake, but when you blend it with ice and all the other mentioned ingredients, it really just tastes like a milkshake! The cottage cheese helps thicken up the shake. I first learned about this trick through Dashing Dish. You can get
      a LOT of protein shake recipes by visiting http://www.dashingdish.com.

  4. Marie Oliveira

    I ruined it for myself and read your latest post first! But I’m pretty sure I would have guessed correctly, since I’m always right ๐Ÿ˜‰

    I’ve never had plantar faciitis but I have some other weird foot “thing” that my podiatrist tries to brush off as nothing because he has no idea what it is. My husband got me a Gaiam hot/cold foot roller for Christmas and I love it. I think it actually said on the packaging that it’s good for plantar faciitis.


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