And So This Is Thirty…


Flashback to our twenties: me (second from left) with Steph (far right) and friends celebrating our 21st birthday in Newport.

Approximately a month before I turned 30, I met up with my college roommate (Steph) in our college town of Newport, RI. It was a day before our fourth half-marathon that we were set to run together, and I was extremely nervous…but not about the following day’s race. I was nervous about turning 30.

Although my almost 34-year-old husband tried his best to make me feel better about my upcoming birthday, the only person who was able to quell my fears – partially because she knew exactly what I was going through – was Steph. Being a day older than me, Steph offered some wisdom. “This is the way I see it,” she said to me, rather matter of factly, after I had told her about all of my goals that I had hoped to reach by 30 (one of which was to run a marathon), most of which I hadn’t achieved, “my 20’s was for running half-marathons. My 30’s are going to be for running marathons.”

As someone who already has one 26.2 under her belt, I look to Steph as being my fearless leader. She has conquered what (to me) is the unknown, and inspires me because of this. So now, with less than a month into my 30s, I’ve started my full marathon training. I’m not quite sure what my first marathon will be (or when it will occur), but stay tuned to find out more information!  -Lis


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