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A Bachelorette Party Fit for a Runner

Lately, I’ve had weddings on the brain, an it’s no wonder why. I may have mentioned it once or twice a million times that my cousin is getting married in June, and my sister is getting married in July. Everyone in my family is really close, so that means that over the past two months, we’ve either been shower planning, buying shower gifts and/or wedding gifts, and attending showers. Continue reading


The Worst Run EVER!


Attempted post run selfie: Am I smiling, or grimacing?

Today’s Workout: 2.71 miles @ 27:53

Today, my friends, I ran some serious junk miles. I can honestly tell you that today’s run was no doubt, my worst run EVER!

I’ve run half marathons, 5 milers, and 5ks. No marathons yet, but I do consider myself to be a somewhat tough cookie (you kind of have to be if you willingly run long distance, right?). Despite the fact that I’ve been running for about half a decade and then some, today’s run took the cake. Continue reading