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Beginners: How to Make Running Part of Your Routine

Today’s Workout: Rest Day
ZYM Flavor of the Day: Lemon-lime. This flavor was much sweeter than the Berry flavor I had tried yesterday, and there was no hint of the bitter taste that I detected in the Berry ZYM. Like it’s predecessor, the lemon-like flavor contains caffeine, and is sure to give early morning runners the wake-up call that they need. Which is why I found myself choosing a ZYM tablet instead of coffee again this morning. Once again, it did the trick. And as an added bonus, it kept me hydrated – something coffee (which is a diuretic) – doesn’t do.


Speaking of early morning runners…up until now, I haven’t talked too much about my running schedule, other than the fact that I typically am NOT an early morning runner. A few things about my running schedule:

• I usually run in the evening (except on the weekends, when I sometimes run in the morning, but more often than not, run in the afternoon)
• I run 4x a week, Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday. Sundays are always my long run days.
• For the most part, I don’t mind changing running days, but I NEVER change my long run days.
• If I think I need to scale back on my running one day, because I could potentially get injured, I do.
• However, if I don’t feel like running, feel too tired or lazy to run, etc., I still do.

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