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Throwback Thursday: The Time I Decided to Run a Marathon

I’m starting to feel old. Today, as I was heaving and hawing (about the fact that my allergies are bothering me), I started to think about the last time I felt this terrible. It was quite a while ago. That led me to thinking about when I first developed asthma. It was a while ago, during my sophomore year of college. Ironically, it was right around the same time that one of my roommates, Michelle and I, had started running and decided we would start training for…and complete a half-marathon, and perhaps a marathon, one day.

We were gung-ho about it. We signed up for our college cross-country team, attended a health seminar that was required for all sports athletes…and then she was diagnosed with a terrible case of mono (so bad that I believe it affected her kidneys), and I developed uncontrollable asthma (the mon came later for me). Needless to say, we didn’t end up participating on the cross-country team. Continue reading


Wining, Dining, and Throwback Thursday

Today was an awesome day. We went to press (well, almost) a day ahead of time today. That pretty much never happens. OK, it never happens.

I got home as close to on time (meaning I left work at quarter past five, I very rarely leave at 5:00 on the dot), took Bella for a nice, long walk, then returned home. Just as I was setting out for my walk with Bogie, JP came driving down the street, so Bogie and I sprinted (not ran, sprinted) a quarter mile down the road back to the house. #Bestfeelingever! Continue reading