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First Week of February Giveaway & Final ZYM Review

Today’s Workout: 12 miles @ 2 hours, 5 minutes

This giveaway has now closed. Special thanks go to ZYM for sponsoring our first contest!

Again, this week’s workout was my longest run on the treadmill. Basically, every run every Sunday after this will be my longest run ever, until/unless I start tapering. I haven’t made up my mind which marathon I want to make my first yet, but due to scheduling conflicts, I think I might have to wait until August to even attempt my first marathon. I might just do a half marathon in the spring, until then, but we’ll see. My goal was to complete my first 26.2 in/around May, but between my sister’s upcoming nuptials, my husband’s birthday, and I just found out my cousin is getting married in June, I may have to re-evaluate my plans.

But…I have bigger news to share with you before I even start discussing my marathon plans with you!

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It’s Been a Crazy Kind of Day…But Soon There’ll Be a Giveaway!


Today’s Workout: Rest Day

It’s been a crazy kind of day for me, and for the first time in a long time, I had a glass of wine (there may be a lot of rhyming within this post). I was feeling just a tiny bit overwhelmed at work, and unfortunately, this post will be pretty short, because I have a lot of work I had to bring home with me tonight. But, I have some good news…

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