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An Unusual Saturday

Today’s Workout: Approximately 4 mile run @ somewhere between 39:45 and 40:00
ZYM Flavor of the Day: Grape. I’m not quite sure why, but this was another flavor I was hesitant to try (I need to stop with the rhyming there, before this turns into a Dr. Seuss novel!).


I guess just because I wasn’t sure what to expect. Were the tablets going to make my water taste more like grape juice or grape soda? If they tasted like grape soda, I was golden…but if they tasted more like grape juice…not so much. I was excited when I opened up the tube of tablets and was overcome by the scent of grape soda. I couldn’t help but think, “yummy” before ever even trying it in my water. Well, this tablet didn’t disappoint, and was full of flavor.

After drinking a full bottle of regular water this morning, I drank half a bottle of grape water in 5 minutes, felt full of energy, literally jumped up off of the couch, changed and headed out the door for a run.

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