Short Term Goals vs Long Term Goals

Today’s Workout: 4.04 miles @ 41:35
30-Day Ab Challenge: 25 sit-ups,15 crunches, 10 leg raises, 15 second plank

Wow! What a great workout I had today! It wasn’t my fastest time, but I felt full of energy and I felt great!

This past week, as I’ve been completing my mileage, I’ve been thinking about short term goals vs long term goals. As runners, I think we often get caught up in the numbers: we want to break a pr, complete a half-marathon, a marathon, an ultra (the list goes on and on). But while we’re trying to attain those goals, it’s important for us to set some others in the meantime to help us get to that “big picture” goal that we’ve been looking for. Whether it’s run for 5 minutes straight in your second week of training towards completing your first 5-k or for two hours straight while training for your first full, we all have those short-term goals that will help us complete our long-term goals. Here are a few of mine:

Short Term Goals
• Be able to complete this beast of a hill without walking before the end of the month (I’ve named him Grendall, from Beowulf)

• Be able to do a 2-minute plank by the end of June/beginning of July
• Be able to bench press twice my weight in a week (haha just kidding on that one!)
• Complete the Twin Reservoir Half-Marathon at the end of July (this will be my halfway mark for marathon training! Woot, woot!)

Long Term Goals
• Be able to finish a full marathon by the end of September/beginning of October (that doesn’t necessarily mean I’ll run it then, but I want to be capable of it at that point.

That’s it for my short term and long term goals this month. They might not seem like a lot, but each one (minus the bench pressing, haha) is totally attainable! The point is to create attainable goals to make you continue to feel positive about your running and/or workout experience, vs negative about it. I’ll be reporting back in at the end of the month as to whether I’ve reached my goals!

What are your short term goals?
And what are your long term goals?

P.S. Today is the last day to enter the My Soxy Feet contest, so if you haven’t gotten your entry in, hurry up!


9 thoughts on “Short Term Goals vs Long Term Goals

  1. txa1265

    ha – so great! There is a killer 1500 ft hill I do that is more gradual on one side and steeper on the other. I remember setting the goal of doing the steep side without stopping … and now that I can do it, it is amazing. Last weekend I said “I’m gettint to the top, then doing repeats on the side-slopes!” Brutal and exhausting – but satisfying! So important to have goals like this!

  2. runsaltrun

    LOVE your goals and best of luck in your half! (And the rest of your marathon training!) You have plenty of time to prepare and I’m sure you are going to rock it out!

  3. karen

    Love your goals!! I love that trail 🙂 I am a one minute planker, I love the idea of getting to two ! A half in July is brave in the heat!


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