My First Running Confessions

Today’s Workout: 1 mile run @ 9:28 (didn’t even feel winded); 30 minutes yoga; Day 2 of 30-Day Ab Challenge

Today, I had a post lined up about Short-Term Goals vs Long-Term Goals, but I had this brilliant idea later in the day about all of these juicy facts about me that I just can’t hold in anymore. You should feel special – I’ve never told anyone about some of these things…not even JP!

Let’s see…where should I start?

CONFESSION: On Sunday, when I went out for my morning run, I was trying out a new pair of Nike Dry-Fit shorts that I bought. They seemed shorter than the ones I usually wear, and I was feeling pretty self-conscious, so I decided to put another pair of shorts on over them until I got to the part of the trail behind myself that is really private. When I got to the mouth of the trail, I ran behind a big, fallen down log, pulled one of my pairs of shorts off, and then resumed on my run. Well, when I got back to that spot to throw my shorts back on, a couple of teenage boys were coming up to the trail right behind me and saw me pulling my shorts up! My “private spot” doesn’t seem too private now – they probably thought I was copping a squat! I was so embarrassed (it did make me run faster up that horrible hill, though)!

CONFESSION: I haven’t cooked a real meal in over a week. Unless you count these delicious strawberry-lemon “ricotta” pancakes.


CONFESSION: There isn’t even really any ricotta in those pancakes. I substituted it with cottage cheese.

CONFESSION: I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but for a blogger, I’m not the most tech-savvy person. I posted an image that I was supposed to fill in yesterday without writing in it because I couldn’t figure out how to do it on my iPhone.

CONFESSION: I ate an entire, huge bag of these while at work today. Oops!


Confession: In yesterday’s post, I wrote that I got up early and ran 4 miles on National running day. I didn’t run 4 miles (I was off my schedule by a day and Wednesday was supposed to be a cross-training day), and I certainly didn’t get up early!

CONFESSION: I cancelled my hair appointment that I had scheduled for Wednesday so I could get my run in for National Running Day. And I didn’t even feel bad about it.

Your turn: Do you have any confessions you’d like to share?

Time is running out to enter the My Soxy Feet contest. Don’t forget to send in your submission!


9 thoughts on “My First Running Confessions

  1. Amy Lauren

    I absolutely cannot resist candy and snacks when working. It’s crazy. I demolished a can of peanuts in 2 days just munching by my computer while I was writing articles. Oops. I should do a confessional post someday…

  2. Megan @ Meg Go Run

    I am laughing at your shorts story! Girl, wear your booty shorts and OWN it!!!! šŸ™‚ šŸ™‚ šŸ™‚ Running confession…. Sometimes if I wear a tank top with a built in bra, my nipples still poke out really bad so I put tape over them!

  3. emmelineruns

    Canceling your hair appt is dedication! I totally schedule mine around when I can run those days šŸ™‚ Running confession…I can’t find a sports bra for bigger chested girls that I like so I wear one for smaller chested girls that fits my band size (XS) but is 3 sizes too small over the actual boobs so that they stay put while I run!

  4. northernambitions

    Um yes I would definitely count delicious pancakes as cooking a real meal. Yum! I’m so impressed you cancelled a hair appointment for your run. Awesome! In my town, it takes like three months to get into a hairstylist so I might not have had as much dedication as you but I like your enthusiasm xx

  5. irishrunnerchick

    Love it! My confession – there are a couple of sections along a route that I run regularly that have businesses with glass store-fronts and I always check myself out in them. Every. Single. Time.

  6. karen

    ha! I do pop a squat when I am trail running and come pretty close to being caught lol No worries…they will just have to get over it! The pancakes look super yummy! and I don’t love cooking either šŸ™‚


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