Wicked Random Wednesday 6.4.14

Yesterday’s Workout: 3.07 miles @ 30:23

Happy National Running Day! It’s ironic, even though I am a runner, National Running Day tends to be my day off…but today, I made sure that I got up early enough to get my 4-mile run in (confession: I’m actually writing this post on Tuesday night. Now that I’ve totally committed to it online, I have to do it). I’ve actually been getting up early for my runs every morning (even on the weekends!) and am really enjoying it!

And now, here is this week’s dose of Wicked Random Wednesday 6.4.14:

1. My ladies over at SwirlGear provided me with the graphic shown above, and asked me to share why I run. My answer: I run for my health and well-being, for myself, my me-time and my sanity. I run because it brings me peace.

2. Someone in my house got a new pair of sneakers, and it wasn’t me! And he LOVES them! I’ve had to yell at him because he’s been wearing them everywhere, not just for running. I think we’re gonna have to buy him another pair so he can wear one pair for running and one pair for everything else. They are the Nike FS Lites; these shoes are minimalist and have a flexible, mesh backing that don’t bother his Achilles’ tendons too much.


3. My sister challenged me to do a 30-day ab challenge with her for the month of June, to help get my fit and fab self get even fitter for her wedding (my words, not hers). Here’s the schedule for the challenge:

Anyone care to join me?

4. Running With SD Mom shared my contest on her blog. Thanks, Smitha! If you haven’t entered my contest yet, be sure to enter, time is running out. And be sure to check out Smitha’s cool blog for a round-up of other awesome contests taking place this week (post goes live at 3:00 a.m. Eastern time/12:00 a.m. Pacific time on Wednesday).

5. I can never resist posting puppy pics. JP and I gave the dogs a bath last night, and they were wet and wild afterwards! But they soon wore themselves out, and ended up snoring and looking like this:



Why do you run? And did you go out and complete your run for National Running Day? If so, how many miles?

Have you ever won something in a contest? If so, what was it?


7 thoughts on “Wicked Random Wednesday 6.4.14

  1. Lily

    I keep seeing that ab challenge everywhere online, I might just have to do it. I’m horrible at remembering to do ab exercises, and I haaaate planking. I think my two biggest prizes from contests were a scooter, and that Whole Foods basket I won a few months ago!

  2. Megan @ Meg Go Run

    Your puppies… I love them. 🙂 There is nothing cuter than sleeping animals. Chrissy falls asleep after a bath too- more so from the mental exhaustion! I ran 5 miles today because it was on my schedule- it just so happens it was Running Day!

  3. runsaltrun

    Running truly makes me a better person. I feel like I can do ANYTHING, especially after one of those effortless runs. 🙂 Today I went out for 6 and it was rough (still recovering from the marathon I guess), but I still felt like a million bucks when I finished. As usual. 🙂 Happy National Running Day!

  4. SuzLyfe

    I second what several others have mentioned: your pups, I die. My mom certainly would, too. She grew up with bassets and her parents bred and raised them, so she is hopeless around them. I love their faces and affability.
    On a more serious note, I run to believe in myself–I never thought I could accomplish what I have since I started running.

  5. Heather @ girlgoesrunning

    I love your doggie pics! 🙂 I run because it’s simply what I love to do! I got 7 miles in today because I went back and checked my log from last year. That’s what I ran last year, so I had to do the same this year…I’m crazy like that, lol.

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