The Worst Run EVER!


Attempted post run selfie: Am I smiling, or grimacing?

Today’s Workout: 2.71 miles @ 27:53

Today, my friends, I ran some serious junk miles. I can honestly tell you that today’s run was no doubt, my worst run EVER!

I’ve run half marathons, 5 milers, and 5ks. No marathons yet, but I do consider myself to be a somewhat tough cookie (you kind of have to be if you willingly run long distance, right?). Despite the fact that I’ve been running for about half a decade and then some, today’s run took the cake.

Here’s the scoop: JP went on an overnight fishing trip with my father last night, and I was home alone. Whenever he’s not here, I have major problems falling asleep at night, and yesterday was no exception. I was up until about 3:00 a.m., completely wired.

Then, at 6:00 a.m., the dogs woke me up because they were hungry. So I got up, fed them, went back to bed. At 7:00, JP called me to tell me he caught a huge 21 inch salmon. I was super happy for him but also exhausted and may or may not have yelled at him.

The awesome JP fisherman!

Then, at 8:00, I dragged myself up and out of bed to get ready for my sister’s wedding shower. I was not feeling it today at all (mostly because of exhaustion), but beautified myself, wrapped her gift, and went on my way (luckily she was picking me up so I didn’t have to drive my tired ass there. I may not have made it!).

We’re a fun bunch, even when tired!

The shower was absolutely beautiful, my sister was beautiful, and I stuffed my face ate some tasty food. It was all delicious, until I started to feel it coming back up approximately a half-mile away from home.

I thought it was a fluke, and that I was just having some major heartburn because I chugged a glass of crystal light right before going running (not my brightest idea), so pushed on. For a while, I was feeling it a little bit, when I reached mile two, and started to think about all of my big running plans that still await me in my not-so-distant future, and all the cool places I’d like to visit and run in races.

But after three large uphill battles, as I rounded my Cul de Sac next to my house to make another loop, I felt my stomach start to chug and realized it was all over. At that point, I was at 2.71 miles, and since I was less than a half mile away from what I planned on finishing, and thought I might have to make a mad dash for the bathroom, I called it quits. Note to self: no chugging Crystal Light before a run. Common sense, I know, but I was really thirsty, and water just wasn’t doing it for me. Now I’m off to the store to purchase some Tums!

Your turn: Tell me about your worst ever run.


7 thoughts on “The Worst Run EVER!

  1. emmelineruns

    I don’t remember one specific worst but I did try to take a vanilla cake flavored gel at mile 12 of an 18 mile long run in 90 degree heat and puked as soon as the disgusting sweetness hit me. I quit at mile 14. I also tried to go running after having cake for breakfast one day and spent the entire 5 miles trying to think happy thoughts because I was sore and nauseated. Then you have the runs that are bad for no good reason…

    1. 262x2 Post author

      I think that the cake at my sister’s shower is what did me in, too. This will just serve as a good reminder for the next time I want cake before I run!

  2. Megan @ Meg Go Run

    Ugggggh so sorry you had the worst run ever!!! I remember a really crappy run- I was 22 and I was so hungover. Stomach upset, dehydrated, head was so cloudy. I was on vacation with friends and was running on the soft sand to boot. I think I did about 4 miles and it was terrible. Sand is hard when you’re feeling 100% let alone hungover!

  3. Heather @ girlgoesrunning

    Oh no…boo to bad runs! I’ve had them too. :S One evening I ran after a work get together-where by the way, I ate a lot of pineapple. :S On my run I ended up curled over on the side walk puking up pineapple…lol. So classy I know!

  4. Jason

    I have too many “worst run ever” stories to choose from – I remember my race up Pikes Peak because it was a race and so it sticks out in my mind… big time elevation sickness – the last three miles took me two hours – OUCH!

  5. northernambitions

    I have had many “worst runs”! But I think the worst are when my legs just don’t want to move, i’m bored, grumpy and am literally only doing it do exercise, no fun included. You look so pretty in your orange dress! I love it

  6. willrunforpizza

    Ugh, that sucks. I’ve been feeling like puking lately during MOST of my runs. I think it’s because I’ve been running faster and TRYING to run faster…That’s another reason I can’t eat heavy food before a run. I’m an afternoon runner, but all I eat all day is fruit, salad, maybe some crackers or a clif bar, and my 8 glasses of water…AFTER my run or workout, I EAT!


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