All Signs Point to Vegas

Yesterday’s Run: 3.13 miles @ 34:00, hill workout

Sorry, friends, no Ten Dollar Tuesday this week! My wallet is feeling a little light, so I am taking a week off from buying things…even if they are pretty inexpensive.

As runners, we are huge planners. We plan not just our race schedule a day ahead of time, but also week, and even months ahead of time, to plan for that one special race, whether it’s a 5-k, a half, or the 26.2. Six months ago, I started training for my first full marathon. I was halfway into my training routine, which I had meticulously planned. I iced, stretched, had my race schedule mapped out…I did everything by the book, and then some. And then I got injured. Well, this time, I’m going the wild card route.

Today, I received this in the mail:

A Rock n Roll Vegas tee (never mind my messy kitchen table).

Did I sign up for the Vegas Rock n Roll Marathon? No. About two (maybe three?) months ago, I signed up for a virtual 5-k on The main draw was the fact that it was free to enter, and the first some-odd entries received a free t-shirt (there’s you’re $10 Tuesday right there, I got a free shirt, lol!). Well, competitor held their end of the bargain, and sent me a free t-shirt. I’m not sure if I held mine, because I’m pretty sure I never submitted my time…mainly because I had to walk the 5-k, as I was injured, and almost felt like I was cheating because I wasn’t running (there were no rules saying you couldn’t walk, though).

The big idea behind this for Competitor was clearly the fact that they were marketing their Vegas marathon and half in November. Now, did it work?

Well, this is not the race I had in mind when I told you I was thinking about a first marathon…BUT…I have had a few signs throughout the day that have made me feel like the stars are aligning and telling me to DO IT:

1. I received the above pictured shirt. Then subsequently took a photo of it and sent it to JP, who thought that I had already signed up for the race and didn’t even tell him (uh, no!).

2. I turned on the tv tonight to find something to watch and the movie 21 was on. Of course, I was in the mood to watch it!


3. That wasn’t the only movie that came on that was related to Vegas. Ocean’s…11? 12? I can’t even keep track of them anymore and The Hangover (OK, Part II, so I’m stretching that one a little) were both on TV, too. And while watching those movies, I saw an ad for What Happens in Vegas, too.

So…I am convinced that it’s a sign I’m supposed to go to Vegas in November to run my first full. Oh yeah, and my birthday is in November, too! It’s actually on November 14, and the race dates are November 14-16! And my magazine will have already gone to press, and I always have extra vacation time left for this time of year!

I’ve always been a pretty superstitious person, but I’m not necessarily an impulsive person. BUT Vegas is a fairly affordable place to visit (as long as you don’t gamble your life savings away), and I think this is actually do-able. So…the floor is open…

What do you think??? Should I sign up for the Vegas marathon?! Should I do it? Or am I just being a superstitious weirdo an everything is pure coincidence?


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