Ten Dollar Tuesday: Running Naked

Yesterday’s workout: 1.25 miles on the treadmill @ 12:00

Wow, it’s been a long time since I’ve written a post starting out with a workout! It may seem like a short run, but I was excited to actually be able to run!

Between injuring my knee, and then getting sick immediately after going on vacation, I was starting to feel like I may never get to run again. I’m still not feeling 100%, which is why I had to cut my run short. I was hoping to do 2-3 miles, but shortly after my first mile, my chest was tight, and I was having trouble breathing (even after taking my inhaler).

There were two reasons why I wanted to make sure I got a run in today, though: a) I’ve been itching to get back on the road…err, treadmill for today; and b) I got some new running shorts I needed to test out for this week’s $10 Tuesday.

Because…I got these shorts for $5.99 at the mall last week! Pretty awesome, huh?

The GapFit gStride Running Shorts – mine are lavender, which appear to be discontinued.

These shorts retail at $29.99, so I got a major discount on them! As some of you know, I’ve been wanting to buy a new pair of running shorts for a while now, and I’ve been looking for some inexpensive ones. Since I haven’t been running for a little bit, I gained some weight, and I knew that once I started running again, it would be coming off pretty quickly. So I bought the size medium shorts, knowing that in about a month, they would probably be too big.

So did these shorts meet my approval? Well, let’s point out a couple of concerns I had before wearing them: sometimes shorts in this style are too long and tend to ride or bunch up. Also, they had built in runderpants and I didn’t try them on before buying them, so I was afraid that they might bunch up, too.

But these shorts performed beautifully. In fact, they’re so light that I didn’t even notice they were on, and felt like I was running naked. If my runderpants or shorts did ride up or bunch up, I didn’t even notice, because to me, I was naked. For about 12 minutes that is, right up until I couldn’t catch my breath.

Would I recommend these shorts to a friend? Yes. But please keep in mind (if you do decide to purchase then), I only wore them for about 12 minutes, so I can only safely feel comfortable recommending them for short runs, like a 5-k. Only time will tell how they’ll work out for long distance running.

Your turn: what’s the best pair of running shorts you’ve ever owned?

Do you tend to buy only one brand of running clothing, or do you buy different brands of apparel?


7 thoughts on “Ten Dollar Tuesday: Running Naked

  1. Lily

    $5.99?? That is crazy. And they are really cute! My Lululemon turbo shorts are the only pair I’ve ever found that don’t ride up on me, and even though they were expensive, the amount of times I’ve worn (and washed) them the past two years, i have totally gotten my money’s worth.

  2. northernambitions

    These look super cute and great price. I have lululemon shorts which I like but sometimes they ride too short and make me feel like I’m showing a bit too much skin to the world 🙂 Nobody wants to see my full thigh as I’m running

  3. mstepler

    Only $5.99? What a bah-gain (channeling my mom’s bargain shopping voice there 😀 )! Right now I’m searching for running shorts that are a little bit longer than the ones I currently have because my long legs make all shorts look way shorter than they actually are. And YAY for your run!!! 🙂

  4. runyourmuttoff

    I buy a whole variety of brands. Much like you, I’m willing to give anything a try if it’s the right price! A lot of my clothes are from Brooks because I live near their outlet, but I also have some Champion C9 (because who doesn’t love shopping at Target?), some Oiselle I bought at their sample sale, some Nike from my location shoe store, and a couple others. The only thing I usually splurge on are tights, because nobody wants cheap tights that turn see-through too soon!

  5. runningsouthern

    I love my Nike tempo shorts, but recently found my soulmate of shorts. I have no idea what style, but they are by Brooks. I got them for over 50% off at a clearance sale last fall (bought 2 pairs on a whim) and they are the best. So lightweight, perfect length, no chafing. I also have a pair of lululemon, but don’t allow myself to love them because cool shorts mean nothing if you can’t afford to eat after you buy them. 🙂


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