Back from Vacation and Some BIG News!


My attempt at looking graceful, athletic, and happy, all at the same time…

Hello all! I know it’s been a while since I’ve last posted, and I’ve missed you all so much! If you read my blog regularly, you were probably aware that I was going on vacation, but not sure quite when. I don’t like to post exactly when I go on vacay because I like to keep everyone guessing…for obvious reasons.

My husband, parents, sister, her fiancé, and I all spent almost seven lovely days down in Kiawah Island, SC, where we enjoyed some gorgeous sunshine (only to be greeted by brown and cold when we got back to Massachusetts), great food, and of course, awesome exercise!

I missed everyone here online that I attempted to post quite a few times while I was away on vacay, but I never seemed to get to finish because we just did SO MUCH.

We arrived in South Carolina last Saturday evening after staying overnight (and making a pit stop) in Gettysburg, Pa. My husband and I went there recently in February, which left both my parents intrigued. My father is a huge history buff, and has wanted to go there for a while, but I don’t think that either of my parents understood the enormity of the National Park, and how long and how far of an area the battle actually lasted/covered. I won’t go into detail over it, because two trips there certainly doesn’t make me an expert, but if you do enjoy history (or maybe you don’t, but just need a lesson…?), this is a good place to visit. You could probably visit the National Park over the course of a week and still not get everything in. Try doing it in a day…

My sister, her fiancé, me, and JP taking a picture with Honest Abe.

After spending the night in Gettysburg, we got up early on Saturday and made the 10-hour trek to Kiawah Island, arriving around 8:30 Saturday night. Yes, we drove all the way down there. My mom gets violently sick while flying, and I also have problems with my equilibrium, so we journey by car. I was pretty dizzy just from the long drive down there. The following day was Easter, so we all got gussied up and went to an Easter Sunday brunch at the Jasmine Porch, a restaurant located at The Sanctuary on the island.

JP and I posing for a picture before our Easter Sunday brunch.

So, we basically ate some really great food on Easter and spent some time together as a family. Then, in the evening, JP and I hit the tennis courts to try and get some friendly competition in. We’re not too great at it, though.

For the rest of the week, we got a ton of exercise in by going to the fitness center (I used the elliptical since I didn’t want to hurt my knee…it’s getting better but I can’t do too much running), running and biking on the beach (a little running mixed with a LOT of biking, which didn’t really help my knee any), and lots of swimming in the pool. We also did some serious lounging by the pool, too. It was a fabulous week, mixing just the right amount of leisure with sport.

Plus, even though I ate a lot, I allowed the past week to be guilt free. I knew that based on the amount of exercise I was getting, I would need plenty of “fuel”, and then had some more. Even though I still gained weight, I knew I would be kicking myself if I didn’t enjoy a taste of the low country while spending time there. Now that I’m back, I’m ready to eat healthy again…

…which leads me to my BIG news! Right after getting back I checked my 262×2 email (which I hadn’t even looked at while away), to find out I was chosen as a Girls Gone Sporty Ambassador! I am so honored to have been named one of their ambassadors. This means even more great things will be coming to this little blog in the near future. Please stay tuned for a separate post on what this means very soon in the next few days!



11 thoughts on “Back from Vacation and Some BIG News!

  1. Megan @ Meg Go Run

    The first thing I thought of when I saw your picture was- she looks like she’s having fun and DANG look at those leg muscles!! I’m glad you had a fun trip- I can’t believe you drove the whole way. I complained about driving to MA! I can’t believe you were a 1/2 hour from my house AGAIN! Next time you come to PA, we have to meet up. 🙂

    1. 262x2 Post author

      Haha, thanks! That photo was taken like two days into my trip so I think my legs just got bigger from eating lots of food and lack of running. But JP commented that I must have gained muscle because we tend to arm wrestle and I usually lose. But the other day I was holding my own! I was thinking of you when I was PA, but knew you must be on your way to Boston! I have some catching up to do on your blog!

  2. mstepler

    Welcome back. 🙂 It looks like your trip was awesome (and I love the dress you wore for Easter)! I live about 45 minutes from Gettysburg and have been to the battlefields so many times, and every time I go back I see/learn something new…I’m not much of a history buff, and I still love going every time.

  3. runsaltrun

    You cannot go to SC and not eat eat eat. My mom used to live down there and I probably gained 10 pounds every time I made the trip. Best. Food. Ever. Sounds like you guys had a wonderful trip and GO TEAM STELLAR! I’m so excited that we both get to be a part of this awesome group!

    1. 262x2 Post author

      Haha I felt like I had to eat all the biscuits and gravy and shrimp and grits I could, because they don’t make stuff like that up here in New England (and it’s probably a good thing!). But luckily I’m headed back to SC on a business trip in June. I absolutely love it there! I just started following your blog, I can’t wait to learn more about you! 🙂 #teamstellar


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