Wining, Dining, and Throwback Thursday

Today was an awesome day. We went to press (well, almost) a day ahead of time today. That pretty much never happens. OK, it never happens.

I got home as close to on time (meaning I left work at quarter past five, I very rarely leave at 5:00 on the dot), took Bella for a nice, long walk, then returned home. Just as I was setting out for my walk with Bogie, JP came driving down the street, so Bogie and I sprinted (not ran, sprinted) a quarter mile down the road back to the house. #Bestfeelingever!

After we got back, JP joined us for our mile long stroll down the street and back. Then we decided to go get a pizza for dinner (decided it would be a cheat night), which sounded so good, but ended up being soo naughty and greasy (not in a good way). We were pretty hungry, though, and ended up eating a majority of it anyways.

The second most amazing part of my night? JP wanted to get some beer for his cheat night, and while wandering around the liquor store (which I don’t normally do, but maybe I should…), I found THIS:

An individual sized bottle of Prosecco.

Let me preface this with the fact that I love Prosecco, but I only buy it for special occasions (like my birthday, Valentine’s Day, New Year’s…you get the gist), because a good, full sized bottle usually costs $15 or $20 at least, and I just can’t see spending that kind of money on a bottle of wine that is mostly going to waste because I can’t/won’t drink it all. This bottle was $5 (more expensive than your average split of Robert Mondavi), so I was SOOO excited!

In other news, I mentioned that I got a haircut yesterday, and some of you asked for a pic:

Not the best pic of me…I look soo tired!

I’m much blonder now, and I got bangs. This photo doesn’t do the new ‘do justice (I didn’t wash my hair this morning, and it’s flattened over the course of the day), so I’ll be sure to post more pics in the future.

In the meantime, here are some really cute dorky photos of me as a little kid to help keep you entertained:

Celebrating my birthday with my younger sister circa 1992.

On a family trip to New Hampshire with my cousin, sister, and dad.

I won’t be making Throwback Thursday a weekly thing, but it will me making an occasional appearance. I’m currently looking for photos from my high school cross-country days.

What’s the worst haircut you’ve ever had?

Your favorite type of wine?


10 thoughts on “Wining, Dining, and Throwback Thursday

  1. emmelineruns

    Do you have super curly hair?! I always see pics of it straight but I love those curly haired kid pics! My parents keep all our kid pics in storage so I have none to share ever 😦

  2. mstepler

    Love the haircut!! I am probably going to cut mine to shoulder length (like 6 inches off!) for the summer. In second and third grade, I had a really awful chin-length bowl-cut-type hairstyle going…I looked like a boy. 😛

  3. willrunforpizza

    I’ll have to try prosecco – never have! Worst hair cut?? Oh my gosh, 5th grade. I HAD gorgeous long wavy hair and BEGGED my mom to chop it. She did. Reluctantly. Shoulder length. HATED it. Got perms for years and then after high school I came to find out that I have naturally curly – CURLY! – hair….

  4. northernambitions

    Cute bottle of prosecco! I am also a fan but who isn’? Once I had a weird two layer hair cut that left me with like a short bob on top and long layers underneath. It was horrible and I cried. But at least it grew back!


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