Wicked Random Wednesday 4.9.14

OK, it’s been a couple weeks (maybe a few?) since my last Wicked Random Wednesday, and I apologize. I’ve been crazy busy lately – with work, it’s getting closer to my sister’s wedding, etc. etc. Plus, I felt like if I wrote an installation last week that the post might seem a little stale, and I NEVER want that to happen! Luckily, I’ve saved all of my philosophical (and not) ramblings for this week’s post…

• After reading Emmeline’s post this evening, I realized that the only thing better than running (of course I’m not counting my husband, the day I married him, family, and all of the things that are obviously a given), is running with my dogs. They stop, they sniff, they go, they pull, but when you’re enjoying a run with them, and look down at them and see that they’re truly enjoying themselves and looking at you and sharing a pure moment of bliss, well, there’s nothing better than that. Yeah, if you couldn’t already tell, I am THE crazy dog lady.

Who wouldn’t love this adorable little face?

• Yes, Bogie sleeps with his tongue hanging out…a LOT.

• I got my hair cut again today…and colored. I am now REALLY blond. I would take a pic, but I’m laying in bed and I just think there’s something creepy about taking pictures of yourself while in bed and posting them to the Internet. Even when you’re wearing a cardigan, t-shirt and sweatpants. No offense to anyone who has done that.

• I’m convinced I have adult ADD. My mind works as randomly as this post. When I was in college, I explained to one of my friends that my mind feels like remote control, changing channels all the time. People can’t keep up with me because of the rapid pace of my thoughts. I’ll be discussing one thing with someone, and they’ll be still thinking about topic A, when topic A has led me tho ponder topic B, which led me to think of something else, topic C. Then this commercial about adult ADD came out, and they explained the mind as constantly changing channels. Hmm…

• I feel like 30 has not been kind to me so far. I no longer get carded when buying alcohol, lines appear to be appearing on my face, and I am noticing more gray hair. Hence the fact that I am blonde. Although my uncle’s girlfriend paid me a nice compliment last week, and told me that I get prettier every time she sees me. I’m totally not trying to sound like a jerk by saying that, she just really touched me because I truly feel like 30 hasn’t been kind. She’s now my favorite “aunt.”

Me on my 30th birthday.

• I was trying to see if I could find a photo of “future” Lis at 80, but no dice.

Tell me something random about your day!


6 thoughts on “Wicked Random Wednesday 4.9.14

    1. 262x2 Post author

      Lol both Bogie and Bella snore when they’re asleep, but not all the time. Just when they’re super tired! It is SO adorable!

  1. emmelineruns

    Bogie is a cutie! Stevie has slept with her tongue out like twice ever and we thought it was so freaking cute we took 70 pictures of it. Slider is very proper and I’d be crazy surprised if he ever did it. There is NOTHING better than making your doggie’s eyes light up, and I might be a crazy dog lady too, but I think it’s a wonderful reason to keep doing little runs with them through your injury!

  2. northernambitions

    Random posts are fun! Tiring out the dog is the best and they are so cute when they sleep. Except that my pup, Atlas, snores really really loud. Let’s see, something random: I really hate when people have ice cream cake a bday parties. I don’t like ice cream all that much and I really love cake. That kind of makes me a social outcast since ice cream cake is “all the rage”

  3. Lily

    Oo I want to see your hair! My husband and I have been taking care of so many animals this week while house sitting, I find myself taking a million pictures of them and they’re not even my pets! I’ll never even see them again. Oh man, that actually makes me really sad, I’ve come to love them!

    1. 262x2 Post author

      Aww, when you’re done with your trip, you’ll have to get a pet of your own! One dog, one cat….and one Icelandic horse!


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