Ten Dollar Tuesday 4.8.14 and Doggie Photo Dump

Hello All! I was really contemplating today whether or not I should do a post today, because a) I haven’t bought any running clothes this past week, and b) I’ve been so crazy busy with work (we go to press this week!), that I wasn’t sure I’d have time. Alas, I’m here, even if it is an hour before the clock strikes midnight and it’s actually Wednesday.

Since I haven’t made any purchases this week, I thought I’d share some deals that I found online, and open the floor up to the rest of you to see if you own any of these items, and if so, to find out your thoughts on them:

The C9 by Champion Women’s Woven Running Shorts

Target has these shorts on sale for $8.48 online.

The only problem is, I hate buying clothing, more specifically, running clothing I’m not familiar with, online. I’m never sure how they’ll fit, and although the reviews I’ve read on them are great, I want to be able to at least try them on before I buy them. To me, it’s only a bargain if it’s cheap and I’m able to get some use out of it!

And, the Women’s Old Navy Active Side Mesh Running Shorts, on sale right now for $10!


I’m a huge fan of ON’s running gear – same quality (if not better than) Gap and Athleta running wear for more than half the price! Note: Be prepared to read my rant on Gap later on this week.

But still, I’d rather try clothing on for myself in the store and “pretend run,” aka “run in place” and do jumping jacks to make sure these babies don’t ride up.

And now for my doggie photo dump of the two beautiful hounds who look like they belong in a magazine:

Bogie, after he broke into the closet last night

Two-year-olds are so hard to stay on top of!

A beautiful Bella headshot with my foot photo bombing her

Bogie, sniffing around

And sleeping – goodnight!

Have you ever bought running clothes without trying them on first? How did that work out for you?

Have you bought any of the aforementioned running shorts? If so, please share your thoughts!


5 thoughts on “Ten Dollar Tuesday 4.8.14 and Doggie Photo Dump

  1. mstepler

    I’ve never bought those specific C9 shorts but I do own a lot of C9 running shorts. They tend to be quite baggy in the legs on me so I usually buy a size down (but I’m also tall and lanky so it could just be me). 🙂

  2. Lily

    I love shopping online, but I was returning 99% of the running clothes I was getting, so now I (try to) resist the temptation and only buy stuff I’ve tried on. There’s something about online shopping that is so fun to me.

  3. emmelineruns

    If I find a brand I like, I can buy online and it turns out fine. I buy 99% of my running gear online, I think the only thing I try on first is sports bras to make sure they actually hold these things down!

  4. northernambitions

    I bought these running shorts online and they were a horrible fit. But I had never heard of the company before so that was probably my first mistake. If I’ve already purchased clothing from the company I’m usually pretty confident buying online. plus most of them have good return policies now. Good luck with clothes shopping

  5. willrunforpizza

    I’m not a fan of the mesh shorts for running – they always ride up. Last year, I found that I LOVE running skirts! And I love ON work out clothes too! Just bought 2 hoodies yesterday! 😉 I get MOST of my workout stuff from ON, TJMaxx, and Marshalls. And yes, I have to try it all on! Exception: I do find a lot of my workout TEES on Ebay…cheap. And I know my sized in the brands I like, so i’m ok with not having to try them on.


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