Monthly Archives: March 2014

A New Outlook on Life

Sunday, I’m supposed to be running the Celtic 5-k in Worcester, MA. My leg is feeling better…but my immune system is not. Ever since I returned from Pennsylvania, I’ve been feeling exhausted and well, stressed. And my immune system has really taken a beating from it.

First, I had a cold. Then, Thursday night, I woke up in the middle of the night and suffered from food poisoning after going to dinner with my mom. And as much as I would LOVE to be able to start running again, I’ve decided to rest up this weekend and then give running a go first thing on Monday after we set the clocks back. I know I’ll be up early (I’ve already been getting up earlier because I’m subconsciously preparing for the time change. I have a new outlook on life.

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Wicked Tiring Wednesday

Well, another hump day has come and gone. I wasn’t even sure if I would get a chance to post today, because A) I’ve been playing catch up at work this week and have been working ridiculously long hours, despite returning from a trade show where I worked 12+ hours a day all last week and throughout the weekend, and B) have I mentioned I’m tired? Oh yeah, and C) I had an impromptu haircut today that my mom made for me and forgot to tell me about (even though I’m 30 and very capable of scheduling my own appointments)! Continue reading