Wicked Random Wednesday 3.19.14 and Happy Birthday, Momma 26!

Today’s Workout: Walked the Dogs 1 Mile

Hello All! Are you ready for another round of Wicked Random Wednesday? This is going to be one really random post! It has been a harrowing week so far with some highs, and some lows. And they will probably explain why I haven’t been as “social” on here as I have been in the past.

1. This week’s low: I have a family member that was hospitalized two weeks ago and was in critical condition. Because he lives alone, nobody knew where he was and we were all really worried about him and actually went as far as to file a missing person’s report. Last week, we received a phone call from him when he finally came to after being in critical condition. This is why I now hate the HIPAA law. My mom and uncle tried calling all the local hospitals and police stations but were told by the hospitals that if he was there they couldn’t disclose that information. He’s doing better now, but will probably never be fully recovered. Because I want to protect/respect my family’s privacy, I won’t go into full detail, but please keep my family in your prayers.

2. My high of the week: Momma 26’s birthday is Saturday (my mom). Since she’s celebrating the big 6-0, we’re celebrating her “birthday week.” My family really goes crazy when it comes to birthdays, so we usually tend to expand these special days over the course of a few…or a week…sometimes even a month.

3. Pizza, pizza! Today, I brought my mom some pizza to kick off the celebration of her birthday week. It wasn’t just any pizza, either. It was her FAVORITE pizza that came from a local restaurant that went out of business about six years ago. So how did I get my hands on that pizza? I’m just that awesome. Haha, well the real reason why is because some of the family members who owned that old restaurant started a new one…that my mom didn’t even know about. They only offer pizza on Wednesdays, so after I found out about that, I picked some up to bring to her after work. She was so happy that she did a dance!

4. Random Renovations. I can’t believe that we bought our house almost four years ago. When we purchased it, we knew there were some updates that would need to be made, but we could handle a majority of them with time. The house isn’t too old – it’s 21 years young, and the only major repair we did was install a new roof when we first bought it. Now, we have a number of things that need to be done to it, which include installing some new windows because the old ones are rotting and painting the entire exterior of our house this summer. Well, last night we were both about to have a meltdown because there was smoke coming out of the light fixture (and not in the “a bulb just went bad” kind of way). Afraid to leave the house for too long in fear it might burn down, JP ran to Home Depot and purchased two new fixtures within a half hour, and called his friend the electrician, who promptly came and checked things over before installing the new fixtures. Luckily it wasn’t an electrical problem…and we got some nice fixtures out of it!

The new fixtures.

Lights out.

Bogie attempts to photo bomb but he’s so cute I just take his pic instead.

5. In Relation to Patty’s Day…

Although I’m mostly Irish, I’ve always wished I was Italian. I love the food, I wish I could tan like an Italian (hate my pasty white skin!)and I love The Godfather. But at least on St Patty’s Day, everyone wants to be Irish. What other holiday is there where everyone wants to be one specific nationality?

What’s your favorite birthday memory?

If you could choose one nationality to be, which would you prefer?


6 thoughts on “Wicked Random Wednesday 3.19.14 and Happy Birthday, Momma 26!

  1. emmelineruns

    I’m Italian and I’d pick to either stay Italian or be French. My husband’s family is from Spain though and they turn the prettiest color when they tan, it’s really unfair. I got the dark hair dark eyes Italian thing but he is Northern Spanish and everyone in his family has blue or green eyes and olive skin and half of them are blonde. The combination is so pretty.

  2. Jessica @ RunYourMuttOff

    Happy birthday to Mamma 26!!
    We just celebrated my dad’s big 6-0. We had a family brunch and our gift to him was a 3 day trip that we’re planning for June.
    Thoughts and prayers for your family. Sounds like it was a scary time with someone missing and turning up in the hospital. I hope things improve soon 🙂

  3. Marie @ Buncha Monkeys

    That sounds like such an emotional thing to go through! I recently called the police to do a wellness visit on my mom who lives by herself and is 4 hours away. She recently lost her phone and turns out her cat chewed the phone line and it was dead but she didn’t know. Anyway, it’s really scary to think HIPAA prevents people from finding their loved ones! Ugh.

    Yum. Pizza. Now I’m hungry.


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