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And We Have a Winner…

Monday’s Workout: Rest Day

I have to say, I was pretty sore after my long run on Sunday, and was glad for the complete rest day that I took yesterday. I spent a lot of quality time with the husband, watched the Olympics, cuddled the hounds, and did some catching up on the blogosphere.

I’m not sure if it was all of this Olympic hype, or that life has gotten in the way for so many people, but it seemed like not as many people were posting last week, and then wham! Everyone was back online today (on Monday of all days!). Of course, I enjoyed catching up with everyone in the evening. It was the first night that I was able to come home and just *chill* in a while. As in, drink an Angry Orchard while I watched the Olympics.

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Final Day for ZYM Giveaway!

Sunday’s Workout: 13.1 miles @ 2:16:00

The ZYM giveaway ends at midnight tonight (EST), so if you haven’t entered yet, please make sure you do so before it closes. All you have to do is click on the link above and leave a comment below that day’s post, stating what flavor of ZYM you would like to try.

In other news, after a week’s worth of sleepless nights, I finally managed to fall asleep around 2:00 a.m. on Saturday, and slept until noontime on Sunday, something that is pretty abnormal for me. Usually I’m waking my sweetie pie up, not the other way around. But my headache was finally gone, and I felt bright-eyed and bushy tailed as I at my brunch at 12:00 in the afternoon. I couldn’t wait for my run! But first, I had to walk these adorable little wildebeests.


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10 Tips for Finding Happiness


Today’s Workout: Impromptu Rest Day (due to severe exhaustion)

All right, my friends, listen up. Over the past two months since I’ve started blogging, I have found a really great support system of friends. You’ve been really supportive, listening to me while I ramble on about my day to day workouts, what I’ve been eating, and hearing about how I didn’t eat for years (on and off) before I started running.

And whether you know it or not, I’ve been listening to you. If you’re a blogger who’s commented on here, or are following me, or have liked one of my posts, I’ve been trying to follow you, too. As much as I can. And when I do read your posts, I hang onto your every word. There are many things that I’ve learned about you, and I can tell that for the most part, you’re a very happy person. But, from time to time, you are going to get that nagging feeling…you know, the one that’s making you feel insecure and unhappy. But before you let that one thing start to fester up inside of you, STOP, and read on. Here are a few things you need to know to find true happiness.

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Sisterhood of the World Blogger’s Award and More Exciting News

Friday’s Workout: 3 miles @ 30 minutes

I’m trying to be a little more proactive with my posts, so it doesn’t look like I don’t know what day it is. Obviously, most people are not insomniacs like me (which is really messing with my running!), and will most likely be reading my post on Saturday, so from now on, I’ll be posting the actual name of the day instead of “Today’s Workout.”

I also have some more changes to announce, but first I want to remind anyone who hasn’t done so yet to make sure that they sign up for my First Week of February Giveaway sponsored by ZYM.

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5 Things I Love Friday

Today’s Workout: 3 miles @ TBD
Yesterday’s Workout: 3 miles @ 30:00 (treadmill)

Hey y’all! Before I get today’s post started, don’t forget to enter my First Week of February Giveaway! There’s only a few days left to enter!

Let’s get started with the elephant in the room…I haven’t been blogging as much lately, and I suck. OK, maybe I don’t suck, per se, but I’m pretty ticked at myself for not posting as much as I’d like. However, works been pretty stressful for me lately, and I’ve been having to bring a lot of stuff home with me. And I have to put the stuff that gets the bills paid done before anything else (except of course, my family…and running).

But, here I am! It’s like I never even was gone! Yesterday I had a pretty sucky run. I think it’s the worst run I’ve had since I started getting really serious about training for a marathon. It was like everything in the universe was telling me not to run. First, I tried turning on Netflix, and it wouldn’t let me because I had to update the PlayStation. Then, once I got that all figured out (hubby wasn’t home to help me), I got started with my run, and my shoe was digging into the side of my foot (something that’s been bugging me when wearing multiple shoes this week…what gives?). THEN, my calves started to feel really sore and tight. I just felt completely off, and after a mile I decided that if my calves weren’t feeling stretched out by mile 3, I would throw in the towel.

I never do this. I’m a big proponent of trying to push through the pain (to a certain extent). But today it really felt like the universe was telling me not to run, and when, at mile 3, it literally felt like there was a bug in my shoe trying to bite me in the toe, I decided that was it. I’m still not happy with myself for quitting at the halfway mark (I was supposed to do 6 miles), but sometimes you’re just not feeling it. And btw, there was no bug in my shoe, just a blood blister on my toe!

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Mother-Daughter Time and My Guilty Pleasure

Today’s Workout: 4 miles (treadmill) @ 38:25, Fartleks

Hello all! Sorry if I’ve been MIA for a couple of days…I’m on deadline at work and have been inundated with millions dozens of pages of editorial to bring home and read on a nightly basis. I figured that the ZYM giveaway would keep you occupied for a little while, until I made it out of the piles of pages.

If you haven’t entered yet, there’s still time to let me know what flavor ZYM you’d like to try. The contest closes at midnight on Tuesday, February 11, 2013.

I thought I’d deviate from discussing running today and share a little bit about my weekend. Yes, I sometimes do have a life that doesn’t just revolve around work and running, it’s just very rare that this happens. Continue reading

First Week of February Giveaway & Final ZYM Review

Today’s Workout: 12 miles @ 2 hours, 5 minutes

This giveaway has now closed. Special thanks go to ZYM for sponsoring our first contest!

Again, this week’s workout was my longest run on the treadmill. Basically, every run every Sunday after this will be my longest run ever, until/unless I start tapering. I haven’t made up my mind which marathon I want to make my first yet, but due to scheduling conflicts, I think I might have to wait until August to even attempt my first marathon. I might just do a half marathon in the spring, until then, but we’ll see. My goal was to complete my first 26.2 in/around May, but between my sister’s upcoming nuptials, my husband’s birthday, and I just found out my cousin is getting married in June, I may have to re-evaluate my plans.

But…I have bigger news to share with you before I even start discussing my marathon plans with you!

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An Unusual Saturday

Today’s Workout: Approximately 4 mile run @ somewhere between 39:45 and 40:00
ZYM Flavor of the Day: Grape. I’m not quite sure why, but this was another flavor I was hesitant to try (I need to stop with the rhyming there, before this turns into a Dr. Seuss novel!).


I guess just because I wasn’t sure what to expect. Were the tablets going to make my water taste more like grape juice or grape soda? If they tasted like grape soda, I was golden…but if they tasted more like grape juice…not so much. I was excited when I opened up the tube of tablets and was overcome by the scent of grape soda. I couldn’t help but think, “yummy” before ever even trying it in my water. Well, this tablet didn’t disappoint, and was full of flavor.

After drinking a full bottle of regular water this morning, I drank half a bottle of grape water in 5 minutes, felt full of energy, literally jumped up off of the couch, changed and headed out the door for a run.

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