How To Stay Entertained When Sidelined

Monday’s Workout: Another rest day, leg was still bothering me

As you all know, my right leg has been bothering me for a bit, which is one of the reasons why I haven’t been writing as much. Some live vicariously through other bloggers when they can’t run…for me, it’s the opposite. I get very emotional and very jealous reading about how other people’s runs are going if I can’t run. So if you’ve been writing about your workouts and I haven’t been commenting like I usually do, I’m sorry. 😦

Here are some of the ways I don’t mind entertaining myself on the blogosphere:

• Reading about what you ate. I still have the appetite of a runner, and eating everything that’s not nailed down (and more!) so if you ate something interesting, let me know if you posted about it and I’ll come check out your blog!

Mmm, spinach artichoke pasta bake!

• How your weekend was (besides your workout round-up). Still a little depressing for me because my weekend was BLAH (I won’t go into that, it would probably bore you!), but I do enjoy seeing what people are up to besides just running.

• Seeing pics of those cute little puppies and kitties that you like to post. That always brings a smile to my face!

• Enter contests! If you have a contest on your blog, let me know and I will BE THERE! I won’t be injured forever so I can still use those Pro Compression socks or that Fit Bit.

If you mention any of the above items on your blog let me know and I’ll come check it out!

Non-Blog Related Things I’ve Been Doing:
• Work (definitely keeps my mind off things)
• Hanging out with the hounds


• Cooking, cleaning, and all that jazz
• And of course, hanging out with hubby…and watching romantic, sappy movies with him. Last night we watched Top Gun.

Today, my leg feels much better so I’m excited to be doing a short, slow run to test out the waters! If it’s still bothering me I might have to go see the doctor. Boo.

What do you do to cope when sidelined by an injury?


10 thoughts on “How To Stay Entertained When Sidelined

  1. Lily

    My stupid knee is making me super depressed too! I keep thinking to myself I have runner’s knee… but no it can’t be! I hope we’re healed up and back on the roads soon.

  2. tara @ tara goes streaking

    Oh sweetie I know exactly how you feel. Last summer I developed a stress fracture in my foot and it was terribly depressing. Plus… since I have a high tolerance for pain, no one seemed to believe me that the mere act of walking anywhere was completely soul-suckingly painful for about 6 weeks. Limping made other parts of me hurt so I just walked through the pain. I never wore a boot since the doctor thought I had tendonitis (quick appt, no xray) but the PT said stress fracture. I went with what the PT said because of just how long I was out and if you accidentally touched my foot I’d bite your head off haha.

    Anyway I had to miss some races I was looking forward to and I felt so sorry for myself and was so jealous I couldn’t even LOOK at anyone running without going into a rage. I happened to start reading Matt Fitzgerald’s book Run: The Mind-Body Method of Running by Feel (if I couldn’t actually run… I needed to read about running to get my “fix”) and there is a chapter in there on injuries. That chapter completely turned my attitude around because it gets you to use the time spent injured to stage your come-back. He lists elite athletes that have come back from injury stronger and better than before.

    Also… I think that thinking more positively towards my injured foot helped heal it faster. Sounds weird… but I really think that our brains control more than we think. Hang in there sweetie… healing vibes sent your way!!!

  3. Megan @ Meg Go Run

    Sorry for the “testing” comment hahaha. I hope your leg feels better after today’s run. Let us know, okay? I feel you… I sometimes get sad reading about other people’s workouts that I can’t do, so I don’t blame you at all for glossing over those blog posts!

    1. 262x2 Post author

      Haha I was wondering what was up with the “testing” post? I totally LOVED your blog post today, though, if not because I’ve been so hungry lately!


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