An Interview with My Lurkers…Err, Readers

Today’s Workout: 😦

The sad face says it all. I didn’t even get to run today. Some of you may even be starting to wonder if this is a running blog anymore (please read my last post, it will explain a lot!), and yes, it is. My leg wasn’t bothering me this morning, but as the day went on, it started nagging at me a little, and I just didn’t want to chance it. Like I’ve said before, if it hurts when I’m not running, I’m not going to take my chances of injury. So, tomorrow is another day, let’s pray that I’m all better and can do a nice, slow and easy run! Even if it’s short, I don’t care, but I’m getting anxious not being able to run.

So the other day Ursula nominated me for a Liebster Award. I was super psyched, and will be posting the answers to these questions over the next couple of days. I love these types of awards, because they force us to get to know other people on the blogosphere and interview one another by asking questions that they might not otherwise post online. PLUS, it helps other, new bloggers (like myself) branch out a little. Which got me to thinking…

As much as I love filling out these questionnaires, it’s kind of selfish of me to only discuss myself (and my dogs), right?

“Oh God, is she going on her blog and talking about us AGAIN?!”

Instead, I’d like to ask you, the reader, a few questions. According to my “stats” 54 people have visited this site in the past day, and I’ve had 99 individual page views. That means a lot of you are lurking on here. Well, guess what lurkers? I’m about to get you out of your comfort zone, and start asking you to post on here by asking you some questions. I know it’s scary (I was once a lurker myself, and look at me now…blogging and all!), but once you try it, I know you’ll love it. No peer pressure or anything. So here’s some questions…an interview, per se, to get you started:

• What’s Your Name?
• Are you a runner? If not, do you get a form of exercise or do any other sports? If you’re not a runner, what sports do you do?
• If you do run, how long have you been running for? And what’s your favorite distance to run?
• Where are you from (if you think that’s a totally creepy question, you don’t have to answer!)?
• How did you come across this blog?
• Are you a blogger? If so, and you’re blog isn’t automatically linked through, what’s the name of it?
• What’s your all-time favorite movie? Favorite color? And favorite food?

My all-time favorite movie.

You don’t have to answer all of these questions, but it would be great if you can answer a couple…or even a few! I’d love to get to know you…and support you if you have a blog!

And if you’re not a lurker, and are returning please answer one of the questions with an answer I might not know about you…or tell me something totally random about yourself!


15 thoughts on “An Interview with My Lurkers…Err, Readers

  1. Megan @ Meg Go Run

    I have A LOT of lurkers! In fact, no one even started commenting on my blog until like 2 months ago I think! I don’t know how I came across your blog.. Maybe via a comment on another site??? Okay something random you might not know about me… Hmmm… I taught 8th grade English for 1/2 a year before I got a job teaching music. I got emergency certified in English (I’m only certified in K-12 music) because they needed someone right away. I was not a good teacher. I had no clue what I was doing. Oh well, I was only 22 and fresh out of college, what do ya expect!?

  2. Andrea

    My name is Andrea. I’m finally considering myself a runner. I only started about a year ago when I joined a Walk Kansas team and I figured running would score me more miles and hence I would reign supreme on my team… ha, ha, ha! Never before had I ever imagined I would enjoy running. I’ve improved my endurance and hope to increase my pace. I love running and it really does consume my thoughts. I even joined a challenge to run 1000 miles this year. So far, I’ve logged 152. This winter has been tough on me b/c I really don’t like the cold. My treadmill and I have been best buds since December. So far I’ve only ran 5Ks. I have my first 10K next month. My goal is to run my first Half this summer, but I haven’t committed yet and registered; I’m scared. I’d also like to run at least one race 5K or 10K per month this year.
    I came across your blog reading comments on another running blog and decided to check you out. I’ve been following/lurking for a couple weeks now. I enjoy reading your posts. Right now my knee is bugging me, so I know how you feel about not feeling 100%.
    My favorite movie is Goonies!

    1. 262x2 Post author

      Thanks so much for responding, Andrea! I hear you on being nervous about running your first half! I was really scared before I did my first one, but after completing it, I felt such a great sense of accomplishment that I was really glad I finished it. Now I’m addicted and want to do more! If you ever have questions about anything, and are hesitant about posting a comment about it, you can always email me at, and I’ll be happy to answer them for you. I hope your knee feels better soon, too…and Goonies are awesome!

  3. mstepler

    Hey there! I’m Marissa…and I have definitely been lurking (and I mean that in the nicest way possible…haha!) on your blog. I’m a middle/long-distance runner and I’m hoping to run my first half and first full marathon within the next two years, but I just had my ankle reconstructed in December so I still have 6 weeks before I get to hit the pavement. Soo basically I just obsessively daydream about running and read blogs like yours to live vicariously through all the running bloggers! I also just recently started blogging and I absolutely love it, and I think I found your blog linked through someone else…?

    I figured this was a good time to say hi and that your blog is great! Thanks for posting. 🙂 And favorite food – anything with chocolate. Or waffles. Or both. Haha.

    1. 262x2 Post author

      Thanks for lurking, and commenting, Marissa! I will have to check out your blog, too! Reconstructive surgery…ouch! I hope you have a speedy recovery so you can get that half – and marathon – completed!

  4. Marie @ Buncha Monkeys

    I’m not a lurker but you know that 🙂 I think I found you from the comment section on HRG’s blog. Favorite movies are Holiday (even though I can’t stand Cameron Diaz). I love Jack Black and Kate Winslet and all the beautiful hand-knit sweaters. I don’t have a favorite color but my kids think it’s orange for some reason and I haven’t the heart to correct them because they declare it often with such happiness. Kids are weird.

    1. Marie @ Buncha Monkeys

      I think I was going to list more than one movie but then got distracted with my love for Holiday. I like Dazed and Confused too. Makes me laugh.

    2. 262x2 Post author

      Haha I love the comment about all of the beautiful hand-knit sweaters. I remember Jack Black wearing a lot of them (I think?) even though he’s in California, as well as Jude Law wearing some. But now I’m going to have to pay attention the next time I watch that movie! I love, love, love Kate Winslet, too. She seems so much more down to earth than most people in Hollywood! Although I don’t think she really lives there, lol. She probably lives in a manor in England or something. I don’t know.

  5. northernambitions

    haha lurkers is the perfect word! I started running a few years ago and like most people who have a blog about running/sports, I fell in love with it. Until I got injured, then I took a break, then I started again and loved it, then I got injured again (I guess I have a love/hate relationship with the sport) but that led me to triathlons. My all time favourite movie….hmm that’s super hard but I’m going to say the Goonies since I can quote most of it. Aaaaand your pup is adorable so keep the pictures coming.

    1. 262x2 Post author

      Since you’ve started doing triathlons, do you feel like you are less susceptible to injury? I know that this is why if you’re a runner you’re supposed to cross-train (which I haven’t been very good at doing except for maybe the first year I was running!), so I was hoping that maybe if I did a triathlon in 2015 I’d be less susceptible to injury. Plus I’ve always wanted to do one but have been a little intimated by them. AND someone once told be I’d never be able to do one and I want to prove them wrong!

  6. runyourmuttoff

    I’m Jessica, from Run Your Mutt Off. I am a runner but recently bought a bike so I can start cross training (totally for the purpose of improving my running!)
    I’m lucky to live in the Seattle area, because although it rains here we rarely get snow so it’s a year-round running climate.
    I have no idea how I found your blog, probably from a comment on another running blog, that’s usually where I discover new blogs.


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