Where I Am Now…

Today’s Workout: 4 miles @ 40:00 (20 minute warm-up, hill workout at 3% and 4% intervals)

In yesterday’s post, I took you back to where I was 10 years ago, to my junior year of college, before I met my husband, and before I started running. The road to where I am now wasn’t necessarily an easy one, but I can say that I’m in much happier place now.

Here are a few ways that I’m a different person than who I was 10 years ago:

• I’m a happy person who has discovered the power of endorphins, much different from the sad person I was 10 years ago.

• I am successful in my career and run a magazine for an international company.

• I am married to the love of my life, and will be celebrating 8 blissful years of marriage in August.

• Whenever I feel stressed, I have two sweet hounds to turn to for cuddles and some de-stressing time.

Confession: This picture is kind of old, but ironically, it’s the only one I could find with a dog cuddling me!

• I no longer let food control my life. Now, I control it, and lead a much healthier lifestyle!

• I have taken control of my life. I no longer let negative thoughts take over or make me feel bad about myself. Instead, I try to take the negative, and turn it into positive.

Sure, I still get “down in the dumps” sometimes, but I’ve found some outlets that help me feel better about myself, such as running, walking my dogs, and spending some quality time with my husband.

Disclaimer: These are all things that have helped me overcome my eating disorder and depression. Other people suffering from these diseases may need to be treated differently. I am not a psychologist or certified to speak on mental health problems in any way. If you suffer from an eating disorder or depression, seek help immediately to get the treatment you need.

Besides running, what brings you to your happy place?

What do you do to try to stay positive when you start thinking negatively about yourself?


5 thoughts on “Where I Am Now…

  1. Heather

    I always give my dog Lola a cuddle when I’m feeling down in the dumps. She truly is my BFF. ❤ I feel like she senses it when I need her ……so weird how they know our weak moments.

  2. Jessica @ RunYourMuttOff

    My amazing zoo of dogs at home are what keep me centered. Nothing like coming in the door to those guys, SO excited to see me!
    PS. I loved your comment on SaraOUL’s post yesterday about using your basset’s ears to cover their eyes during those sad ASPCA commercials; super sweet!

  3. willrunforpizza

    I don’t know when I really stopped being so hard on myself, but one day I just realized I’m happy with who I am and somewhat content with where I am in life (Even though I can’t wait for my goals and dreams to come into play…). I think when I realized we are so totally different but yet longing for a lot of the same, it helps to just focus on yourself in place of comparing yourself to others. And just enjoy the unique path your on.


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