Fact Friday

20140117-232605.jpgCan you tell what type of shoes I’m wearing?

Today’s Workout: Rest Day

Hello, all! Fact Friday is back today with some very fun facts that are ALL ABOUT ME. Because those of you who read my blog know that I am very narcissistic.

For those who aren’t familiar with my fun version of Fact Friday, one of these facts is not like the other, one of these facts is just not the same. If you guess the right fact, you might win the game! Unfortunately, at the moment, I do not have a sponsor for this post, but I’m hoping to have a sponsor for it in the near future. If you want to see some great prizes in the near future, be sure to comment below, guessing which fact is actually fiction.

1) My first pair of running shoes that I truly fell in love with were the Mizuno Wave Inspires.

2) I generally take three rest days from running a week. On some of the days I try to include cross-training, on others I don’t.

3) I usually take rest days on Saturdays but I switched my rest day to today because I went over to my parents for pizza instead of hopping on the treadmill.

4) When I was awarded as one of Worcester’s top 40 under 40 earlier this year, the music playing was from the movie “Chariots of Fire.”

5) My big pre-race ritual is to paint my fingernails and toenails a funky color the night before. It makes me feel like I have super powers!


6 thoughts on “Fact Friday

  1. 262x2 Post author

    I always love these posts; sometimes everyone guesses the right one, sometimes nobody does. This week, only one person got it. This week’s “fact” was #5. My pre-race ritual is not to paint my fingernails a funky color the night before a race. Other than wearing my “lucky socks”, I don’t really have any race rituals.


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