Let’s Talk Clothes


The cutest little model in the world, sporting my (new) favorite race shirt.

Today: Rest Day
Yesterday: 6 miles on the ‘mill @ 63:55

Yesterday, I ran my “long run,” which was six miles. I refuse to take parentheses off the phrase long run (at least when referring to my workouts), until I get past 13 miles. Ok, at least until I get past 9 miles, because that’s the furthest I’ve run on my treadmill, and let’s all just admit it, any mileage over 5 miles seems long on a treadmill. OK, while we’re being honest, anything over 3 miles on a treadmill seems really long.

Just remember, no matter how long or far you run on the treadmill – whether it’s three miles, 13 or even 30 like this crazy lady has done, the important thing is that you’re accomplishing something. I’ve spent plenty of time reading other people’s blogs and seeing them referring to an 11:00 (minute) mile pace as a jog, and that’s just wrong! For some people, this feels like a sprint! I have (almost) conquered the 11:00 mile pace…I can do a 5k at a 9:30 pace, and in the past could run a half marathon at a 10:00 pace, but I know that as I continually increase my mileage, I’m going to have to keep a slower pace at first. Anyways, this post is not supposed to be about pace. Let’s talk clothing…

We all have our favorite race clothing, our lucky charms, etc. I see people sporting cute outfits at races all the time, matching their socks with their sneakers with their shirts and their running skirts, and my thought is always “Why? I’m here to run, and as long as I’m comfortable, I’m happy!” I’m also really cheap, too. So if I can get a free running shirt through a race that I actually find is comfortable, I’m going to wear it. I going to break this down for you, so you understand just how uncoordinated (but comfortable) I at races.

The Favorite Long Sleeved Race Tee


You’ve seen me sporting this outfit in a lot of race photos. Well, they’re actually mostly from the same race, because I’m awesome at really suck when it comes to remembering to take photos, but I do love to wear this shirt in the colder weather. So much so that I actually threw out another long sleeved shirt because I realized how much it sucked after I got this one, which was from running in the Celtic 5k in Worcester last year. Part of the reason why I’m running the race again this year is because of the shirt (I’m kidding…kind of).

The (Old) Favorite Short-Sleeved Tee

This is my old favorite short sleeved tee for racing (and btw, Steph and I didn’t plan to match in this photo). It would probably still be my favorite race tee, but it appears to be MIA. I got this shirt my first time running the Newport half marathon (although, I’ll admit, I feel like somewhat of a poser when I wear it because it says “Newport Marathon” on it…this year, my friends…). I think my husband was getting jealous of my love for it and hid it on me…

Favorite (New) Running Tee
My favorite new running tee would have to be my new Newport Half Marathon shirt, which is made by Brooks (the one pictured at the top, with the hound). I do have a lot of shirts like this, although a few of them are too big for me. I have a RUN PVD, a RUN JTN, and a RUN RI shirt like this, too, but the Newport one is my favorite, most likely because the race itself brings back so many great memories for me. And I like the color of the RUN NPT shirt the best, too…

My Favorite Running Pants

If only races also gave away pants and/or shorts, I would never have to buy new running clothes! Again, I’m sure you’ve probably seen me sporting these pants a lot. They are Women’s Active by Old Navy 20″ Compression Capris, and right now, they’re on sale for $16! I loved these pants so much (they were pretty affordable when I bought them a year ago…), that I just recently bought two similar pairs of pants and another top from ON, and I rarely treat myself to running clothes! I might just have to go ahead and buy myself one more pair, since they’re on sale…

The Favorite Shorts

These shorts are probably the only running apparel I have that I felt like I spent an arm and a leg on. (I think) They are the original Run: Speed Short by Lulu Lemon. I bought them five years ago, when I first started running, so they’re a little stretched out by now, but despite their priciness (set me back around $50), they’ve lasted a long time. I might have to break down and buy myself a new pair, come spring…

And an Oldie, But Goodie…

I got these pants my sophomore year of high school – they were our “team pants” for cross-country – and they’ve lasted all these years. I love them because they’re tear aways, so I can wear them over shorts to keep me warm before a race (in the fall and winter) and then right before the race starts, I can tear them off and throw them at my husband. And he always has them ready for me when he meets me at the finishing line (what a guy!).

So there you have it, my favorite clothes that I have managed to get (mostly) for cheap, and make last…and I didn’t even get to shoes, socks, and such…those are the items I splurge on!

…Now it’s your turn….

Do you always look for a bargain when buying clothing?

What are your favorite pieces of running clothes?


4 thoughts on “Let’s Talk Clothes

  1. Megan @ Meg Go Run

    My favorite shorts are a pair of black Brooks shorty-shorts. They are not skin tight but they are SHORT and fit me like a glove. The best part about them- they’re hand me downs from a friend! I didn’t even have to buy them!

  2. runningsouthern

    I usually look for bargain, but splurge every now and then for quality (although, as you now know, it pains me to spend money at lulu). They make my favorite capris and pants, and I just can’t seem to quit my Nike Tempo running shorts.


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