Back and Better Than Ever


Even my Basset Hound, Bogie, is excited that I’ll be back on the road tomorrow. He’s sporting the shades because he’s starstruck from my song and tap dance (see below).

No, I didn’t go running today. I woke up feeling significantly better this morning, but had already made up my mind that I was going to give myself one more day of “rest” before starting my marathon training again. I was in the middle of getting ready to bake some muffins when I got a phone call from work…and even though I’m technically on vacation, I had to go into the office. The furnace was broken at work, and as the General Manager, it’s my responsibility to go in when (for lack of a better word) crap happens like this. So I got my butt in gear, and went into the office. What I thought would take 40 minutes turned into 4 hours, only to find out that the furnace man would not even make it there today (why do these types of things always happen around the holidays?!). SOOO I spend half my day at work, even though technically, I didn’t have to be there.

You’re probably thinking “would you like some cheese to go with that wine?”

Luckily, I’m done whining now. The important thing is, if I was feeling good enough to go to work and then come home and do a song and tap dance for my dogs (I AM the crazy dog lady!), I am feeling well enough to start running again tomorrow. I’ll have to go into the office in the a.m. to meet with the landlord and the heating repairman, but I already can’t wait to get home from work tomorrow and go running. And the good news is, it’s supposed to be warm this weekend, so I’m hoping to go running outside, too! I AM SO EXCITED!

And if you missed it, check out the photo of my Basset Hound, Bogie (way above), who is super excited for me to start running again, too!


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